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You have the context and the knowledge to develop your strategy. Now, learn what strategy is all about. Simple, proven and effective approaches to develop almost any type of strategy.

You have the desire and potential. Develop your strategic leadership skills. We cover the top 100 concepts and tools used by strategic leaders, organized into 10 competencies. Explore and learn.

If you are looking for experienced support to accelerate your business, team, or yourself, learn more about my services. I'm a McKinsey alum, who has also been a CEO, COO, CFO, and CMO at a myriad of companies.

The ultimate guide to elevating your leadership team's competencies in strategy, people, mindsets, communication, collaboration, problem solving, decision making, people leadership, and execution.

Our mission at is to simplify strategy and leadership. The opportunity to develop great strategies and become a leader is within us all. is one of the best free resources to start your journey. Explore, learn, and apply all of these guides and templates to help you realize your potential. If you are developing a strategy start here. If you want to learn the top 100 tools of strategic leaders click here. If you want a jumpstart on a presentation browse all of our free templates.

Strategy is simply the goals you choose and the actions to achieve your goals. So, let's get started on figuring out the right goals and actions to create winning strategies and develop you into the leader you want to be. And, if you want some coaching support on your journey learn more about me, Joe Newsum, a McKinsey alum and the author of this site.

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