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I'm Joe Newsum, and my journey through strategy and leadership has been anything but ordinary. With a career spanning over 25 years, I bring a unique blend of deep management consulting experience and hands-on executive roles across a spectrum of industries and company sizes. My tenure at McKinsey and Oliver Wyman, combined with leadership positions such as CEO, COO, CMO, and CFO in sectors ranging from software and CPG to retail and manufacturing, equips me with a broad and nuanced understanding of business, strategy, and leadership. This rich tapestry of experiences makes me a distinctive business coach, capable of providing insights and strategies that are both profound and practical. My approach is grounded in the real world, shaped by years of navigating complex organizational dynamics and driving transformative change.

Over the years, my perspective on driving organizational change has evolved significantly. While I value the analytical rigor and strategic insights that consulting offers, I have grown to believe in the power of the personal touch that coaching brings. Consulting often leaves organizations with expensive strategies that, unfortunately, sit on shelves gathering dust, because it fails to engage with the heart and soul of the business—the people. Coaching, on the other hand, is personal, impactful, and designed to foster lasting change. It’s about guiding leaders and teams through a journey of discovery, helping them to internalize strategies and transform them into actions. This belief in coaching stems from my conviction that the most profound organizational transformations occur when individuals at all levels are empowered to lead with vision and purpose. Business coaching delivers an unparalleled return on investment by driving fundamental changes in people, transforming leadership approaches and strategic execution into assets that continuously contribute to the organization's success.

To meet the diverse needs of executives, their leadership teams, and their businesses, I offer a comprehensive suite of business coaching solutions designed to unlock their full potential. My services include:

Dive into executive coaching that's centered on resolving your immediate leadership and strategic challenges, while simultaneously expanding your competencies for long-term success. Engage in a personalized coaching experience crafted to address the issues you face today and equip you with the skills and insights needed to navigate future complexities with confidence. My strategic guidance and practical insights are finely tuned to realize the full potential of you, your team, and your business. Learn more about my Signature Executive Coaching and set up your first risk-free executive coaching session at 50% off.

Strategy coaching tackles your immediate strategic challenges head-on, charting a path forward with innovative solutions that transcend conventional thinking. As your coach, I offer an objective viewpoint, infuse fresh perspectives, and leverage my extensive experience to illuminate new paths to success. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of your unique situation, transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth and strategic achievement. Learn more about my expert strategy coaching and set up your first risk-free strategy coaching session at 50% off.

Elevate360 is your key to unlocking and harnessing the vast potential within your organization, transforming your leadership team and strategic execution into a formidable force for market leadership. I've meticulously designed and battle-tested this comprehensive transformation program to develop a high-performing leadership team, refine your business model strategy, and enhance organizational execution. With a holistic approach that stands unmatched, Elevate360 serves as the pivotal catalyst, turning ambitious companies into recognized market leaders. Learn more about Elevate360 and set up your free 1-hour discovery session.

Strategy workshops harness the collective intelligence and context of your team, tackling your business's most critical challenges through structured, collaborative, and creative problem-solving. In these sessions, I leverage my extensive background in strategy consulting and executive leadership to foster an environment where every participant's perspective is valued, driving open dialogue and creative ideation. My expertise lies in guiding teams to not only identify innovative solutions but also build consensus around actionable strategies and plans. I excel at drawing out the best from each participant, challenging assumptions, and facilitating a process that not only addresses immediate issues but also cultivates a culture of strategic thinking and alignment. These workshops are a transformative experience aimed at equipping your team with the tools and insights needed for immediate impact and sustained organizational success. Learn more about how strategy workshops can elegantly solve your most difficult strategic challenges.

The Leadership Strategy Survey & Workshop is a pivotal tool designed to prompt your leadership team to engage in deep, reflective thinking about every facet of your business model, along with its current trajectory and future direction. Through the introspective process with the strategy survey, the team is prepared to delve into the complexities and opportunities within your organization's strategic landscape. Following the survey, I facilitate a workshop to foster creative collaboration among team members to set a clear and ambitious 3-5-year vision for the business. This vision is not just about driving value and achieving differentiation in the marketplace; it's about aligning the team's collective aspirations and capabilities to propel the organization toward a future where it thrives and leads. Through this process, we lay the groundwork for a transformative strategy that marries deep insight with actionable goals, setting the stage for sustained success and innovationLearn more about the leadership strategy survey and workshop.

My leadership and strategy training offers custom, immersive programs tailored to companies and organizations aiming to elevate their employees' capabilities through intensive learning experiences. Whether a few hours of targeted training or a comprehensive multi-day seminar, I have modules on McKinsey problem-solving, business models, strategic thinking, high-performance leadership, and more. I work with you to collaboratively customize training programs to fit your organization's specific context, ensuring that the content is not only relevant but also immediately applicable. The training approach is interactive and practical, designed to engage participants fully and equip them with strategies and leadership skills they can apply directly to their rolesLearn more about custom training programs and set up your 1-hour discovery session.

Joe's Business Coaching Testimonials

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Jon Kragh
Founder & CEO, Proactive Logic

 "Joe is my executive coach. I have worked with the brightest minds in private equity and the top minds in technology, so I have very high standards. As soon as I read Joe's content, I knew he would make me better. Joe can immediately provide nuanced strategic advice for any topic on my mind. Our conversations span every topic of my business including growth, strategy, go-to-market, leadership, and most importantly, to me: life impact. "

Gina Galligan

Gina Galligan
Managing Director, Autofulfil

“I’m thrilled to have connected with Joe. He’s on a different level. He brings depth that is both thought-provoking and grounding. He punctures the sessions with questions to get to the point. He is very clear as to what course of action I should take given the stage of my business. Joe’s clarity of thought and depth of experience is impressive. Joe ensures you leave his coaching sessions with clear actions. He will add value to any executive seeking an independent and experienced perspective on what they're working on. Thanks Joe!”

andy frank

Andy Frank
Founder & CEO, UDig

"Joe's strategic coaching was transformative for our team and business. His guidance in crafting a 3-year strategic plan shifted our management's focus towards working on the business rather than in it, catalyzing our growth and distributing decision-making more evenly. This shift propelled our progress and eased the pressure on me, fostering a collaborative and forward-thinking leadership culture. His continued support through our transformation has been invaluable as we navigate the substantial change to realize our plan and goals. ”

jesse anton

Jesse Anton
CEO, Whitespace

"When I needed a partner to help me steer my business through its next major phase of growth, I turned to Joe Newsum. He listens, motivates, challenges, and helps you see through the fog so that you can execute with confidence. The strategic guidance Joe offers comes from a deep pool of wisdom and expertise. Elite is an understatement!"

Mike Arsenault

Mike Aresenault
Founder & CEO,

“For several months, I felt stuck. Growth was slow, our win rate was down, and I wasn't happy with our momentum. With Joe's guidance, we honed in on ways to clarify our ICP, set our business apart, and articulate our unique market position. Our sessions ensure I focus on strategic thinking rather than getting consumed by the day-to-day challenges. Joe is an invaluable strategic partner, and I wholeheartedly endorse him for any business owner needing to break out of a rut."


Srinivas Bhadriraju, MD

“Joe has done strategy a big favor by providing so much insightful and valuable content on, but it doesn't compare to spending time with him one-on-one. We've clarified my goals, business model, and action plan for my healthcare startup. I am grateful for the time and energy I will save and the improved prospects of the business. If you need a fantastic thought partner, I highly recommend setting up some time with Joe!”


Rich Ferraro
Managing Director, Compello Partners

"Joe is my strategic coach. He provides concise, thought-provoking and strategic advice that drives real business outcomes to my consulting firm. He’s an excellent listener, intuitive, and ensures that my personal goals balance m professional goals. I’m very confident Joe will help me take my firm to the next level. "


Dr. Trina Clayeux
CEO, Give an Hour®

"I can’t say enough about Joe’s aptitude for capturing the essence of our work and strategically mapping it within the context of our business opportunities and pain points. We’re are in a much more advanced state of planning due to his expertise."

scott lazarus

Scott Lazarus
CEO, Soliro

"You can't beat Joe as a coach! Joe has the rare skill to help generate and think through the right strategic options and drive to action to scale your business for years to come."

niklas rudd

Niklas Ruud
Managing Director, Hellermann Tyton

 "Joe is exceptional at strategy an leadership and my go-to coach. He challenged the direction of my growth company during a time of uncertainty. During our coaching sessions, Joe provides insight, clarity, and focus, which has doubled our sales. Talk about ROI."


Jens-Kristian Leth Zimmer, Coop

 "Joe´s great coaching sessions have provided me with invaluable guidance in order to progress my career and have fun while doing so. Joe has an ability to cut through the noise and simplify, which makes the coaching very actionable. Best of recommendations”

mckinsey logo
  • 5 years leading strategy, marketing, org, operations, and technology projects
  • Worked with high-tech, industrial, financial, non-profit, and consumer clients
  • Led McKinsey's incubation of the Management Innovation Exchange
  • Won numerous knowledge competitions and taught McKinsey's Mini-MBA

oliver wyman logo

  • 2 years focused on internet, digital, sales, and marketing consulting projects
  • Developed Oliver Wyman's perspective on internet and digital strategy
  • Worked with high-tech, consumer, financial and retail clients

goalzero logo


  • Founded one the fastest growing and largest sites on strategy and leadership
  • Bootstrapped and self-funded growth to over a million users
  • Supported hundreds of clients with their strategy and leadership needs

kentley insights logo

  • Founded a high-growth and very profitable market and industry research company
  • Deep analytics and research coverage on over 1200 industries
  • Clients include all of the top banks, consulting firms, and many Fortune 1000

openmethods logo2 1

  • CFO and CMO of a leader in telephony and CRM integration software
  • Supported 25X profitable revenue growth and multiple rounds of funding
  • Led marketing, finance & accounting, legal, and board support


  • As SVP of Store Operations, led 20,000 associates across 480 stores. Reorganized stores and drove increase in customer satisfaction and average basket.
  • As SVP of Marketing, ran $120M budget across digital, print, and TV. Developed and launched The League loyalty program with 20 million members.


tuck logo
  • MBA with High Distinction (top 3% of class)
  • Edward Tuck Scholar, Digital Strategies Fellow, Education Chair of Consulting Club
  • Earned offers at top consulting firms (Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Monitor, & LEK)

stanford logo 1170x526 2

  • BS, Science Technology & Society with a concentration in Computer Science
  • Tua Beta Pi Honor Society (top 10% of engineering class) and Sigma Chi
  • Member of Varsity Track Team and PAC-10 scorer in long jump, high jump & sprints

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