Developing a winning business model is critical to long-term growth and success. Utilize Stratechi's business model framework and template to help organize your thoughts, facilitate a workshop, and develop your future business model.

The 18-page PowerPoint presentation covers the fundamentals of a business model, worksheets, templates, ideas, ready-to-go slides, and professional graphics and icons. Purchase and instantly download Stratechi's Business Model Presentation Template below.

Also, check out my take on developing a business model strategy through workshops or an overview of business models.

Business Model PowerPoint Template Slides

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Business Model PowerPoint Template Title
Business Model Framework PowerPoint Template
Business Model Strategy PowerPoint Template
Business Model Strategy Challenges
Developing a Business Model Template
Building a Business Model
Business Model Template PowerPoint
Mission and Goals Template
Business Model Targets Worksheet
Business Value Proposition PowerPoint Template
Go to Market Worksheet PowerPoint Template
Business Org Values Worksheet PowerPoint Template
Business Model Strategy Initiatives Template
Business Appendix Template
Prioritization Matrix PowerPoint Template
Prioritization Matrix Worksheet

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template
Porters 5 Forces PowerPoint Template

The 18-page Business Model Strategy PowerPoint Template includes:

1. Title Page
2. How a Business Model Works
3. Business Model Strategy
4. All the Strategies of a Business Model
5. Business Model Elements
6. How to Develop a Business Model

7. Business Model One-Page Template
8. Mission & Goals Template
9. Target Markets, Customers & Geos
10. Value Proposition Template.           
11. Go-to-Market Worksheet
12. Core Competencies, Values & Transformation Initiatives

13. Core Initiatives Summary
14. Appendix
15. Prioritization Matrix Overview
16. Prioritization Matrix Template
17. SWOT Analysis Template
18. Porter's Five Forces Template


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