Transforming Teams and Strategy into Market Leadership

Every company has incredible potential, which, when unlocked, can propel an organization to unprecedented heights. The key to unlocking this vast potential lies in developing the leadership team while refining the business model strategy and improving the organization's execution. Elevate360 is a comprehensive transformation program designed to elevate a leadership team to high-performing while systematically improving the business model strategy and execution of the organization. This holistic approach sets Elevate360 apart as the catalyst for turning ambitious companies into market leaders.

Leadership teams should leverage a transformation coach, just like every professional sports team has coaches to guide them towards excellence. Elevate360 is the elite coaching and transformation program for businesses, offering CEOs and their team the leadership development, strategic guidance, and expertise needed to unlock their full potential. With Joe Newsum as the transformation coach, Elevate360 is the crucial link between a company's current state and its transformation into a high-performing, market-leading powerhouse.

With a phased transformation journey, Elevate360 lays a solid foundation for sustained organizational growth, offering an unparalleled return on investment. Each phase of the journey, meticulously designed to facilitate comprehensive transformation, guides leadership teams through setting a strategic foundation, enhancing team performance, deploying strategic initiatives, and ultimately, scaling and embedding a culture of continuous improvement and excellence. Elevate360 is not just a program—it's a strategic partnership with Joe Newsum, designed to unlock your leadership team's and business's full potential, crafting a new benchmark for excellence and market leadership.

Elevate360: The Holistic Transformation Program to Market Leadership

Elevate360 stands out for its holistic approach, combining the Leadership Maturity Model with the Business Model Framework, both developed by Joe Newsum. This innovative strategy ensures a comprehensive focus on cultivating leadership competencies while simultaneously refining and implementing robust business strategies. The program is tailored for visionary leadership teams committed to a transformative journey toward excellence, growth, and market leadership.

"Joe's strategic coaching was transformative for our team and business. His guidance in crafting a 3-year strategic plan shifted our management's focus towards working on the business rather than in it, catalyzing our growth and distributing decision-making more evenly. This shift propelled our progress and eased the pressure on me, fostering a collaborative and forward-thinking leadership culture. His continued support through our transformation has been invaluable as we navigate the substantial change to realize our plan and goals. ”

Andy Frank, Founder & CEO, UDig
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The Leadership Maturity Model: Cultivating High-Performing Teams

The Leadership Maturity Model lies at the core of Elevate360, designed to transform leadership teams into high-performing. Joe's model focuses on nurturing the essential leadership competencies: strategy, people & mindsets, collaboration & communication, problem-solving & decision-making, and leadership & execution. This model is grounded in the belief that teams achieve leadership excellence through consistent attention to fundamental behaviors and practices that, over time, lead to significant team, strategic, and organizational improvements.

Joe Newsum employs a hands-on, collaborative approach to transform leadership teams utilizing workshops, real-time observations, and individual coaching sessions.

Leadership maturity model dark

He partners closely with leadership teams, immersing himself in their environment to provide immediate, actionable feedback during leadership meetings and other critical interactions. This direct involvement allows Joe to tailor his guidance to the specific needs and dynamics of the team, fostering a deeper refinement of core competencies.

As leadership teams elevate their competencies, the transformation ripples through the organization, inspiring a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Teams under these leaders begin to mirror these competencies, transforming the organization into a cohesive, high-performing entity. Through Elevate360 and the Leadership Maturity Model, Joe transforms leadership teams to achieve peak performance, transforming not just themselves but their entire organization.

The Business Model Framework: Sculpting Market-Leading Strategies

In tandem with leadership transformation, Elevate360 overhauls the business model, instilling strategic clarity and operational excellence at every level of the organization. Elevate360 leverages Stratechi's Business Model Framework to set a strategic and organizational course for market leadership. Joe works closely with the leadership team to systematically work through the puzzle pieces of their business model and how they need to change to become a leader in their market. Joe guides teams through a detailed analysis and refinement of every facet of the business model to forge a compelling path to sustained growth.

Guided expertly by Joe, the leadership team sets out to refine and reinforce the organization's true north—its mission, vision, and values. This process clarifies the organization's purpose and aligns every strategic effort toward achieving it. Joe plays a crucial role in helping the team to identify, thoroughly understand, and strategically target the most promising markets, customer segments, and regions. This focused approach sharpens the business model and elevates the value proposition to surpass competitors.

Business Model

Joe's involvement extends to the heart of the business model—the value proposition. He aids in crafting and implementing strategic product and service roadmaps designed to deliver unparalleled customer value, setting the organization apart from its competitors. He aids the leadership team in refining their go-to-market strategies, maximizing the return on investment by improving sales, marketing, and distribution approaches to increase customer engagement and conversion rates. Moreover, Joe supports the team in developing a high-performing, efficient organization focused on executing strategies effectively, thus facilitating the journey toward market leadership and improved financial outcomes.

Through Joe's guidance, Elevate360 not only empowers leadership teams to achieve operational excellence but also ensures the company's strategic initiatives accelerate the organization toward its growth and market leadership goals. This streamlined approach to strategy and execution highlights the importance of a cohesive business model, targeted value proposition, and efficient organizational structure in securing market dominance.

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"When I needed a partner to help me steer my business through its next major phase of growth, I turned to Joe Newsum. He listens, motivates, challenges, and helps you see through the fog so that you can execute with confidence. The strategic guidance Joe offers comes from a deep pool of wisdom and expertise. Elite is an understatement!"

Jesse Anton, Founder & CEO of

Unparalleled Advantages of Elevate360

When it comes to transforming your leadership and business strategy, Elevate360 stands in a league of its own, offering distinct benefits that surpass conventional coaching and consulting services.

Tailored Transformational Journeys
Elevate360 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each program is sculpted around your leadership team and the company's unique needs and aspirations, ensuring your organization's DNA and culture will fuel the transformation.

Dual-Focus Synergy
Unlike traditional services that address either leadership or business strategy in isolation, Elevate360's holistic approach simultaneously elevates leadership capabilities and refines business models. This synergy accelerates growth and fosters a strong organization, delivering a competitive edge that is rare to achieve through standard coaching or consulting programs.

Sustained Impact
Elevate360 goes beyond temporary fixes and provides sustainable transformations. By embedding new competencies and mindsets into the fabric of your team, Joe Newsum ensures that the changes made are not temporary but become integral to your organizational culture.

Strategic Execution Mastery
With Joe's guidance, your leadership team will not only develop a visionary strategy but will also master the art of execution. Elevate360 bridges the gap between strategy and action, ensuring that your lofty goals are grounded in practical, actionable steps.

Unmatched ROI
Elevate360 transcends the limitations of expensive, isolated consulting projects that often result in static PowerPoint presentations rather than actionable change. This program offers a cost-effective, integrated solution that delivers a higher return on investment by fostering tangible, sustainable transformation within leadership teams and business strategies, ensuring dynamic and long-lasting growth in the team and the business.

Joe Newsum: Your Transformation Coach with Peerless Experience & Expertise

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Joe Newsum is a transformative force in executive coaching, uniquely blending his rich strategy consulting background from McKinsey & Oliver Wyman with hands-on leadership experience across key C-level positions, including CEO, COO, CMO, and CFO. This combination empowers him to bridge the critical gap between strategy and leadership effectively and enables him to connect deeply with leaders from various disciplines, having walked in their shoes. His approach through Elevate360 is more than coaching; it's a transformation journey, leveraging his comprehensive understanding of business mechanics and leadership dynamics to foster authentic leadership styles, team excellence, and accelerated business performance.

With a career that spans pivotal roles in diverse sectors—from software and consumer packaged goods to retail and manufacturing—Joe brings a wealth of practical insights and strategic clarity to his coaching. 

His experiences leading startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations equip him with a profound empathy for the challenges leaders face and the strategic nuances of scaling businesses effectively. Joe's unique position allows him to guide leaders in envisioning strategic growth and actualizing these ambitions within their organizations, driving profound and sustainable change.

Through Elevate360, Joe Newsum transforms leadership teams, organizations, and businesses by providing a roadmap for leaders to unlock their potential, catalyze team innovation, and secure competitive market leadership. His extensive background in strategy consulting and executive leadership roles enables him to offer a rare holistic perspective in the coaching realm, making him an invaluable partner for leaders seeking to navigate the complexities of business growth and organizational excellence.

You can learn more about Joe, his journey, and his philosophy here.

What to Expect with Elevate360: A Holistic Growth Transformation in 12-18 Months

Embarking on the Elevate360 journey with Joe Newsum at the helm offers organizations a transformative path to growth and market leadership, meticulously laid out over 12-18 months. Starting with a foundational assessment of leadership and strategic positioning, Elevate360 meticulously unfolds through carefully designed phases. Each phase builds on the previous, from aligning leadership capabilities with long-term goals in Phase 1 to embedding a newly defined strategic vision across the organization by Phase 3. This approach ensures not only the development of a cohesive strategic vision but also the cultivation of a leadership team equipped to navigate and lead the organization toward its envisioned future.

As the transformation journey progresses, Phase 4 deepens the integration of strategic initiatives within the organizational fabric, marking a period of sustained growth and realization of tangible benefits. Under Joe Newsum's guidance, organizations experience a holistic transformation. His extensive background in strategy consulting and executive leadership roles enables him to empathize with leaders across various functions, making him an invaluable asset in bridging the gap between strategy and leadership. Ultimately, the Elevate360 journey empowers leadership teams to unlock their potential, develop a winning business model, positively transform their organization and culture, accelerate execution, and drive financial performance, fast-tracking their journey to becoming market leaders.

Phase 1: Laying the Foundations for Transformation

Duration: Typically, 3-4 Months

Phase 1 kickstarts the Elevate360 program by assessing and enhancing your organization's core pillars of leadership and strategy over 3-4 months. This initial phase is critical, setting the stage for a profound transformation by evaluating current leadership capabilities and the strategic orientation of the business. Through strategic reviews, proprietary surveys, workshops, and targeted coaching, this phase aims to unify and prepare the leadership team for the journey toward market leadership, establishing essential benchmarks for ongoing success.

Key Objectives:

  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the present leadership skills and the strategic positioning of the business model.
  • Initiate enhancing critical leadership skills, including strategic thinking, collaboration, mindset development, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.
  • Foster alignment and collaborative engagement within the leadership team and begin working through the holistic business model strategies needed for market leadership.

Joe Newsum's Action Plan:

  • Undertake a detailed review of the organization's current strategic approaches, org design, financials, strategic plans, management system, operating model, and market positioning.
  • Implement Stratechi's Leadership Strategy Survey and conduct business model strategy workshops to gain insights, align perspectives, and start solidifying the strategic vision.
  • Conduct Stratechi's Leadership Team Maturity Model Survey followed by focused workshops to identify growth areas and develop a maturity plan.
  • Potentially deploy Stratechi's Employee Strategy & Leadership Survey and workshops as an optional tool to gather broader organizational insights.
  • Participate in select leadership meetings for in-depth observation and targeted, real-time coaching to assess and enhance team dynamics and strategic focus.
  • Weekly (30-60 mins) CEO coaching sessions
  • As needed, Joe Newsum coaching sessions with other leadership team members to work on specific leadership competencies and strategy
  • Set transformation goals, pinpointing critical development areas for targeted improvement.

Phase 2: Lock Down the Strategic Vision & Elevate the Team

Duration: Typically, 3-5 Months

Phase 2 not only locks down the organization's strategic vision for the next 3-5 years but also elevates the leadership team, ensuring they are well-equipped with the necessary competencies and mindset to lead the organization toward its envisioned future. Through a series of strategy workshops, coaching sessions, and meetings, this phase aims to foster a culture of teamwork, continuous improvement, and collaboration, setting a clear direction for the company and embedding the strategic vision deeply within the organizational ethos.

Key Objectives:

  • Develop a cohesive and forward-looking strategic vision that outlines the company's direction and goals for the next 3-5 years.
  • Ensure the leadership team is advancing in their critical competencies, focusing on their strategic insight, leadership, and execution skills to drive the organization forward.
  • Cultivate a strong team-first, continuous improvement, and collaborative culture within the leadership team.

Joe Newsum's Action Plan:

  • Facilitate in-depth strategy workshops aimed at refining and solidifying the strategic vision, diving deeper into the components of the business model such as defining the true north, identifying lucrative target markets and customers, optimizing the go-to-market strategies, enhancing the value proposition, and streamlining organizational structures.
  • Work with team members on strategy assignments, encouraging them to explore and present innovative strategic initiatives and solutions in workshops, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.
  • Expand on CEO and select leadership team member coaching sessions, incorporating personalized development plans that address individual strengths and areas for growth, enhancing their leadership presence and decision-making capabilities.
  • Continue immersion into select leadership team meetings to challenge conventional thinking, improve team dynamics, accountability, and collaboration, and promote creative problem-solving and fact-based decision-making.
  • Develop a clear and compelling Strategic Vision and True North presentation for the entire company, serving as a guiding beacon to align downstream strategies, inspire the organization, and inform strategic and financial planning efforts.
  • Craft a strategic vision launch plan designed to harmonize organizational alignment and deeply integrate the mission, vision, and values into the core of the company culture.

Phase 3: Strategic Vision Deployment & Organizational Integration

Duration: Typically, 4-6 Months

Phase 3 propels the transformation into full swing by officially launching the strategic vision and true north across the organization. This critical phase focuses on aligning functional strategies with the overarching vision, enhancing the OKR process to embed new objectives, and further refining leadership competencies in leadership, communication, execution, and change management. Through a series of targeted actions, including the strategic vision launch, leadership and functional team workshops, ongoing CEO and leadership coaching, and the revamping of key strategic processes, this phase ensures that the strategic vision is not only articulated but deeply integrated into the fabric of the organization.

Key Objectives:

  • Officially launch the strategic vision and true north across the entire organization, initiating the transformation journey.
  • Ensure leaders develop and align effective functional strategies to realize the vision.
  • Enhance the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) process to include new objectives that realize the strategic vision, driving deeper integration into team-level goals.
  • Further develop leadership team competencies, focusing on effective leadership, communication, execution, and change management.
  • Refine the strategic planning and budgeting process to ensure it aligns with and reinforces the strategic vision, facilitating its realization across all organizational levels.

Joe Newsum's Action Plan:

  • Conduct targeted functional team working sessions and workshops to formulate and refine functional strategies that are in lockstep with the strategic vision, aiming for functional excellence across the board.
  • Extend ongoing CEO coaching and provide selective coaching for leadership team members, focusing on areas critical for strategic implementation.
  • Revamp the OKR process with the leadership team to ensure it effectively translates strategic intentions into actionable and accountable goals.
  • Establish a routine of quarterly strategy reviews complemented by focused workshops, creating a space for accountability checks and strategic problem-solving at both leadership and functional levels.
  • Maintain active participation in leadership team meetings to improve critical thinking, enhance team cohesion, elevate leadership skills, promote innovative problem-solving, and reinforce accountability.
  • Prioritize initiatives to enhance the employee experience, optimize the organizational structure, and cultivate a culture that attracts, retains, and inspires the talent necessary for achieving the strategic vision.
  • Refine and conduct the strategic planning and budgeting methodology and process. Ensure it tightly aligns financial resources and plans with the strategic vision, ensuring budget allocations and plans directly support strategic priorities and initiatives, reinforcing the vision's implementation and impact.
  • Regularly review and adjust strategic plans based on feedback and initial performance metrics to ensure the strategy remains dynamic and responsive to the organization's needs and external changes.

Phase 4: Strategic Transformation Acceleration & Realizing Benefits

Duration: Ongoing

Phase 4 marks an ongoing journey where the emphasis extends beyond continuing the strategic transformation to enhancing its integration and execution at every organizational level. With objectives aimed at deepening the strategic transformation, elevating leadership competencies, enriching customer experiences, and streamlining operational execution, this phase seeks to solidify the organization's competitive standing and financial well-being. Under Joe Newsum's guidance, through focused CEO coaching, strategic workshops, and a commitment to embodying the organization's core values, this phase promises to not only continue the transformative journey but to deepen and realize its benefits fully, cementing a culture of excellence and strategic clarity.

Key Objectives:

  • Drive the strategic transformation deeper into the organizational fabric, focusing particularly on refining the value proposition, enhancing go-to-market strategies for better ROI, and lifting overall organizational capability and performance.
  • Elevate the leadership team's skills and competencies to consistently operate at peak performance levels.
  • Foster heightened strategic and organizational coordination to maximize synergies across various strategies and initiatives.
  • Amplify the transformation's impact on customer experiences and value, bolstering the company's financial health.
  • Streamline operational and organizational execution to improve financial performance.
  • Embed the organization's mission, vision, and values more profoundly within everyday actions and decisions, strengthening the cultural foundation.

Joe Newsum's Action Plan:

  • Continue tailored CEO coaching and selective leadership team member coaching, concentrating on areas vital for strategic realization.
  • Active involvement in leadership team meetings to foster enhanced coordination and collaboration, thus magnifying the transformation's impact.
  • Engage with functional leadership and strategic initiative groups to guarantee strategic consistency and lend expert advice.
  • Conduct quarterly strategic vision reviews and workshops, addressing challenges and seizing opportunities related to the strategic goals and deep diving with sessions and workshops on key topics.
  • Attend OKR review meetings, providing insights to ensure that objectives are strategically aligned, effectively set, and met with efficient execution.
  • Work with functional leaders to streamline their operations, maximize the ROI of investments, and ensure their organizations are strategic and lean to drive top-line and bottom-line financial performance.
  • Guide the leadership team in embodying the organization's values, vision, and mission, ensuring these principles are palpably reflected in their leadership and cascaded throughout the organization.

Each phase is designed to be iterative, with continuous feedback loops and adjustments to ensure that the program remains aligned with the organization’s evolving needs and market dynamics. This phased approach ensures a structured yet flexible progression towards achieving a 360 degree transformation of the leadership team, organization, and business to accelerate the company's journey to market leadership.

Elevate360: The Enduring Investment to Market Leadership

Elevate360 is a holistic transformation initiative aimed at elevating your leadership team, refining your strategic and operational approaches, and fostering a culture of high performance that lasts. This transformation unlocks enduring results and delivers a significant, impactful return on investment, positioning it as a strategic move for any ambitious company.

The Elevate360 Transformation Program is a monthly retainer determined by need and involvement, with a minimum 6-month commitment, designed to include Joe Newsum's dedicated time each month. The Elevate360 program drives profound growth in leadership teams, organizations, and businesses. Joe's role transcends that of a traditional consultant or coach; he deeply engages with the intricacies of your leadership team and organizational challenges, providing personalized support and accountability that catalyzes genuine transformation. Opting for Elevate360 means you're not just purchasing a service but investing in a partnership to achieve long-term growth and establish a robust foundation for market leadership.

Elevate360: Where Leadership Meets Legacy

Unlock unparalleled growth and leadership excellence with Joe Newsum's Elevate360 Program, your strategic partner in transforming into a market leader. Elevate360 uniquely empowers leadership teams to elevate their performance while refining their business model strategy and organizational execution. This comprehensive program will unlock your company's incredible potential, guiding you through a phased transformation journey. From laying foundational leadership skills and strategic visions to embedding a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence, Elevate360 ensures every aspect of your organization is aligned for success.

Step into a partnership with Joe Newsum and embark on a journey designed to achieve and exceed your strategic goals. With Elevate360, you get more than just a program; you acquire a dedicated ally in Joe, whose expertise in strategy consulting and executive leadership bridges the gap between aspiration and reality. Begin your transformative journey today and set your company on an enduring path to market leadership with Elevate360.

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