8 Forms of Waste Identification Worksheet

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Waste is anything that does not add value or help positively transform an input into the desired output. Think about what we defined as the purpose of any organization…”to efficiently and effectively develop and deliver the customer value proposition.” The projects and processes that aren’t focused on this purpose are waste, and those projects and processes that are focused on this purpose, they most likely have a few of the 8 forms of waste in them.

To get you going on the 8 Forms of Waste, download the 8 Forms of Waste Identification Worksheet.


Exercise 1 – Assess an Important Process

Take an important process and use the Process Maturity Worksheet to document the inputs, general process and outputs. Then document the various stakeholders in terms of who generates or are the suppliers of inputs, who executes and is responsible for the general process, and who are the customers and beneficiaries of the outputs. Then observe the process and / or gather KPIs, and write down your various observations when it comes to the 8 forms of waste.






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