Change Management Worksheet & Game Plan

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Behavioral change is one of the most difficult endeavors strategic leaders take on. I’ve witnessed too many great ideas and initiatives fall flat on their face because there wasn’t a solid change management strategy to change the behaviors of people necessary to realize the potential of an initiative. It is extremely hard to consistently change the behavior of individuals. Yet, if change is done systematically, thoughtfully, with strong momentum and reinforcement behind it, change can happen with relative ease.

I’ve personally used the change management model enable the behavioral change for many major initiatives, including reorganizing and implementing a new management system with 15,000 associates at a leading specialty retailer, rolling out new pricing systems at a multi-billion industrial company, and a vendor negotiation initiative involving hundreds of negotiators at a multi-billion dollar insurance company.

change management best practices

Simply ensuring you are thinking through, planning for and maximizing the four conditions of the change management model will get you a long ways in driving the desired behavioral change

To get you going on thinking through the change management of an initiative, download the free and editable Change Management Brainstorming Worksheet & Game Plan.

change management plan template




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