Org Design Strategy Worksheets & Templates

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Your organizational structure should always be informed by and architected to support the broader business model strategies. Given the potential expansiveness of org design, most companies don’t try to take on all 8 elements of org design at once, instead prioritizing the 2-4 areas to go after. This is always a prudent approach since org design changes are challenging, given you are asking many individuals to change their daily behaviors and processes. Too often org design is simply abstracted to moving boxes on a PowerPoint presentation. Good org design focuses more on how to holistically elevate, better circulate and align all of the human energy and potential that fuels the growth of ever successful company.

To get you started on creating a strong org design, download the free PowerPoint, which includes:

1. Core Competency Template
2. Org Goals & Composition Template
3. Org Structure Template
4. Team Charter – Strategic Alignment
5. Team Charter – Employee Journey & Culture
6. ROLES Worksheet






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