Project Plan PowerPoint Template

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As a strategic leader, much of your mental energy is expended on thinking about the future and working backwards. Much of that thinking will at some point be codified into a plan.

A plan begins to bring to life a strategy. A plan arranges the composition resources and work necessary to achieve an objective over some time period. A plan is useful to further problem solve a strategy, understand the magnitude of necessary resources, work and time, chunking up progress into milestones, revealing dependencies, aligning and providing clarity to stakeholders and serving as a cornerstone for execution.

Whether the plan is a strategic plan, a project plan, a marketing plan, a daily plan, or any other plan, all plans share a set of common elements, including objectives, resources (money, people, infrastructure) work streams, work blocks, phases & milestones, dependencies, and time.

To get you going on your planning your next project, download the free and editable PowerPoint Project Plan Template.




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