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Great use cases and requirements are pretty simple to build once you start putting yourself in the users’ shoes.

One of the first steps in defining a new product, service, process or system is to define the requirements, which are particular capabilities or design attributes. There are functional requirements, which describe what a product or service does to fulfill a customer need. These include Features and Functions that are typically derived from use cases, which document how a user interacts with a product or service. While non-functional or operational requirements focus on more operational and design attributes of a product or service. Non-functional requirements can include performance, usability, durability, security, and financial (price and cost) requirements. Functional requirements can be thought of as what a product needs to do for a customer, while non-functional requirements can be thought of as the constraints for which a product or service need to be designed to meet or exceed.

A user or customer interacts with a product or service to fulfill a need or want. Use cases define the interactions between a user and a product or service. Use cases help define the functional requirements, or what a product or service needs to do to fulfill the needs and wants of customers. A use case starts with an “actor”, or the “who”, which is a particular customer or user of a product or service. Actors can also be other products or services, stakeholders, administrators, organizations, or functions. An actual use case, which is visually represented as an oval, and is also typically reinforced by a description, documents a particular interaction between the actor and the product or service.

To get you going on use cases & requirement, download the free and editable Use Case & Requirements Template.






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