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I've created a ton of free content on, but when you need an independent and objective strategy and problem solving expert, it makes sense to personally connect with me.

Whether you need 30 minutes to bounce some ideas off of me, an hour or two to go deeper into some of your important topics, a workshop, or a few days of strategic support, book a confidential session below or email me at

I've successfully supported hundreds of clients on pretty much every topic. I’ve been a CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, strategy consultant, coach, along with many other roles. Over the past 25 years, I’ve led 20,000 employees, helped build and sell the 9th fastest growing company in the U.S., worked at McKinsey for 5 years, managed $250 million budgets, created numerous successful startups, and much more.

Book some time, and let's have a productive conversation about what is on your mind. After 30 minutes, if it isn't a mutual fit, I'll refund your money.





Dr. Trina Clayeux
Give an Hour®

"I can’t say enough about Joe’s aptitude for capturing the essence of our work and strategically mapping it within the context of our business opportunities and pain points. We’re are in a much more advanced state of planning due to his expertise."


Gina Galligan
Managing Director

“I’m thrilled to have connected with Joe. He’s on a different level. He brings depth that is both thought-provoking and grounding. He punctures the sessions with questions to get to the point. He is very clear as to what course of action I should take given the stage of my business. Joe’s clarity of thought and depth of experience is impressive. Joe ensures you leave his coaching session with clear actions. He will add value to any entrepreneur/executive that seeks for an independent and experienced perspective on what they're working on. Thanks Joe!”


Rich Ferraro
Managing Director
Compello Partners

"Joe is my strategic coach. He provides concise, thought-provoking and strategic advice that drives real business outcomes to my consulting firm. He’s an excellent listener, intuitive, and ensures that my personal goals balance m professional goals. I’m very confident Joe will help me take my firm to the next level. "

 "Joe is my strategic coach. I have worked with the brightest minds in private equity and the top minds in technology, so I have very high standards. As soon as I read Joe's content, I knew he would make me better. Joe can immediately provide nuanced strategic advice for any topic on my mind, from services to product. Our conversations span risk, go-to-market, cost tradeoffs, and most importantly, to me: life impact. "


Scott Lazarus

"Joe has the rare skill to help generate and think through the right strategic options and drive to action to scale your business for years to come."

niklas rudd

Niklas Ruud
Managing Director
Hellermann Tyton

 "Joe is great at strategy and my go-to coach. He challenged the direction of my growth company during a time of uncertainty. During a coaching session, Joe provided insight, clarity, and focus, and one month later my sales doubled. Talk about ROI."


Jens-Kristian Leth Zimmer

 "Joe´s great coaching sessions have provided me with invaluable guidance in order to progress my career and have fun while doing so. Joe has an ability to cut through the noise and simplify, which makes the coaching very actionable. Best of recommendations”


  • 5 years leading strategy, marketing, org, operations, and technology projects
  • Worked with high-tech, industrial, financial, non-profit, and consumer clients
  • Led McKinsey's incubation of the Management Innovation Exchange
  • Won numerous knowledge competitions and taught McKinsey's Mini-MBA

  • 2 years focused on internet, digital, sales, and marketing consulting projects
  • Developed Mercer's perspective on internet and digital strategy
  • Worked with high-tech, consumer, financial and retail clients

  • COO of the leader in consumer portable solar power and the 9th fastest growing company (2013 Inc 5000)
  • Led operations, supply chain, product development, marketing & manufacturing
  • 2.5X valuation increase with acquisition by NRG

  • Founded one the fastest growing and largest sites on strategy and leadership
  • Bootstrapped and self-funded growth to over half a million users in 2 years
  • Supported hundreds of clients with their strategy and leadership needs

  • Founded a high-growth and very profitable market and industry research company
  • Deep analytics and research coverage on over 1200 industries
  • Clients include all of the top banks, consulting firms, and many Fortune 1000

  • CFO and CMO of a leader in telephony and CRM integration software
  • Supported 25X profitable revenue growth and multiple rounds of funding
  • Led marketing, finance & accounting, legal, and board support


  • As SVP of Store Operations, led 20,000 associates across 480 stores. Reorganized stores and drove increase in customer satisfaction and average basket.
  • As SVP of Marketing, ran $120M budget across digital, print, and TV. Developed and launched The League loyalty program with 20 million members.


  • MBA with High Distinction (top 3% of class)
  • Edward Tuck Scholar, Digital Strategies Fellow, Education Chair of Consulting Club
  • Earned offers at top consulting firms (Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Monitor, & LEK)

  • BS, Science Technology & Society with a concentration in Computer Science
  • Tua Beta Pi Honor Society (top 10% of engineering class) and Sigma Chi
  • Member of Varsity Track Team and PAC-10 scorer in long jump, high jump & sprints


Growth Strategy
Digital Strategy
Business Model Strategy
Value Proposition Strategy
Product Strategy
Service Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Sales Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Operations Strategy
Org Design
HR & Culture Strategy
Tech Strategy
Innovation Strategy
M&A Strategy

Leadership Development
Career Strategy
Personal Development
Project Management
Development Lifecycle
Board Management
Competitive Analysis
Problem Solving


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