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Engaging your leadership team in a strategy survey and workshop is a transformative approach to elevating your company's strategic direction. This process meticulously examines each facet of your company's strategy, inviting leaders to articulate their viewpoints, identify potential challenges, and propose innovative solutions. Through the survey phase, leaders not only internalize key business model and strategy concepts but also activate their strategic thinking capabilities. The aggregation of their insights lays a solid groundwork for the subsequent 6-8 hours of a strategy workshop, spotlighting areas of strategic priority, uncovering misalignments, and fostering a rich collection of ideas and essential inquiries.

The 8-hour strategy workshop (can be done over a day or broken up into 2-3 sessions) led by Joe Newsum is an immersive and transformative experience, designed to dissect and refine the strategic direction of a company through a collaborative and insightful engagement of its leadership team. Throughout this intensive session, leaders delve into the core aspects of their company's strategy, from its foundational mission, vision, and values to the intricacies of its business model and competitive landscape. Joe's expert facilitation encourages deep reflection, critical evaluation, and innovative thinking, enabling leaders to articulate their perspectives, identify challenges, and propose actionable solutions. This process is significantly enhanced by the insights derived from a preliminary strategy survey, which serves to highlight areas of strategic focus, reveal misalignments, and stimulate a rich dialogue around a portfolio of new ideas and essential questions.

In fostering an environment where trust, open dialogue, and mutual respect are paramount, Joe ensures that the workshop transcends traditional strategic planning sessions. His approach not only facilitates a profound exploration of strategic possibilities but also unites the leadership team around a coherent, shared vision for the future. The workshop culminates in the development of a strategic action plan, distilled from the collective wisdom and commitment of the team. This plan lays out a clear roadmap for navigating the company's strategic challenges and opportunities, positioning the leadership team to drive their organization forward with renewed confidence and clarity. Through this process, the team emerges more aligned, strategically informed, and prepared to implement their unified strategic vision, marking a pivotal step towards achieving organizational excellence and sustainable growth.

Your Business Model

The survey and workshop systematically covers all elements of your business model. Learn more about the Stratechi business model.

Stratechi Business Model

Your Org & Culture

The survey and workshop also assesses gaps and ideas to improve the organization, culture, and execution. Learn more about the Stratechi org & culture model.

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Strategy - Alignment - Development

Your Leadership Team

Do you need your leadership team to get on the same page, become better strategic thinkers, and create growth ideas? Simply sign your team up to take The Strategy Survey.

 Strategy Survey

1-2 hour immersive survey for your leadership team to think critically about your entire business model. They learn strategy, and apply strategic thinking to your business.

Strategy Workshop

In a 8-hour strategy workshop, we'll go over the survey results and analysis, strategic misalignment, areas of opportunity, and your next step options.

Our premier Strategic Transformation Workshop, augmented by a comprehensive leadership survey, is designed to construct a data-driven foundation that propels your business towards unprecedented growth. This in-depth process ensures that every facet of your business model is examined, evaluated, and optimized for success. Starting with the core—mission, vision, and values—and extending through market analysis, value proposition, go-to-market strategies, and organizational strategy, our approach is thorough. The involvement of your leadership team in taking the survey and the detailed pre-work establish a robust fact base. This base is instrumental in fostering rich discussions, collaborative analysis, and strategic alignment, setting the stage for a transformative journey.

Core Foundations: Mission, Vision, Values Deep Dive

We begin by aligning your leadership team around the foundational elements of your business. The leadership survey kickstarts this alignment, capturing individual and collective perceptions of how well the company's mission, vision, and values are understood, lived, and leveraged across the organization. This serves as a springboard for discussions on reinforcing these core elements as pillars of your strategic framework.

Market Insights: Target Customers and Geographical Expansion

The survey dives deep into understanding the markets you operate in and the customers you serve. It collects leadership perspectives on market dynamics, customer behaviors, and geographical opportunities, providing a nuanced understanding that forms the basis for strategic market discussions. Through collaborative analysis, we identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth and expansion, ensuring your strategies are informed by a comprehensive market understanding.

Refining Your Value Proposition

Our workshop uniquely positions your leadership team to critically evaluate and refine your value proposition. Survey responses on product and service effectiveness, pricing strategies, and competitive positioning highlight areas of strength and opportunities for innovation. These insights drive focused discussions on enhancing your competitive edge and ensuring your offerings resonate deeply with your target audiences.

Amplifying Go-to-Market Strategies

The leadership survey captures detailed insights into your current go-to-market effectiveness, encompassing sales, marketing, and distribution strategies. This information forms a critical part of the fact base, guiding the workshop's collaborative sessions on optimizing your approach to market engagement. Together, we explore strategies that align with customer expectations and market realities, ensuring your go-to-market plans are both ambitious and achievable.

Strengthening Organizational Strategy Through Collaboration

A significant focus of our workshop is reinforcing your organizational strategy, underpinned by the leadership team's survey responses on operational efficiency, team dynamics, and organizational health. This data illuminates the internal strengths and areas for improvement, fostering discussions on aligning people, processes, and technology with your strategic goals. Our collaborative sessions delve into strategies for enhancing organizational effectiveness, culture, and employee engagement, setting a clear path for operational excellence.

Leveraging Survey Insights for Strategic Alignment

The leadership survey is more than just a tool for gathering data; it's a catalyst for meaningful discussions and strategic alignment. By capturing a 360-degree view of your business from your leadership team, the survey ensures that every workshop conversation is grounded in reality and informed by diverse perspectives. This approach guarantees that discussions on the strengths and weaknesses of your business model, potential strategies for growth, and areas requiring alignment are rich, informed, and productive.

Outcome: A Unified Path Forward

The synthesis of survey insights and collaborative workshop discussions culminates in a strategic roadmap that is both ambitious and realistic. This roadmap charts a course for addressing immediate challenges, leveraging strengths, and capturing opportunities for growth. With a clear alignment among the leadership team and a shared vision for the future, your company is poised to embark on a transformative path toward sustained success.

Embark on a journey of strategic transformation that leverages the power of data, collaboration, and leadership alignment. Reach out to us to learn how our Leadership Strategy Survey & Workshop can catalyze your business's growth and success.


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Develop Your Team

The Strategy Workshop plays a crucial role in team development, transforming the way leaders communicate, collaborate, and align on strategic objectives. It breaks down organizational silos and fosters a culture of open dialogue, ensuring diverse perspectives from various departments and functions are integrated into the decision-making process. This approach significantly strengthens organizational cohesion, making every team member feel valued and heard. A key component of this development is establishing a common language and approach to strategy, enabling leaders to efficiently articulate and navigate strategic discussions. This commonality enhances understanding across the team, ensuring that strategic concepts and priorities are universally recognized and embraced. Furthermore, the workshop acts as a powerful platform for leadership development, enhancing strategic thinking, decision-making, and collaborative skills. By doing so, it elevates team empowerment and morale, ensuring leaders are equipped to tackle challenges cohesively and effectively.

Develop Your Strategy

In parallel, the Strategy Workshop serves as a vital mechanism for refining and advancing your company's strategic direction. Beginning with data-driven insights from the pre-workshop survey, it lays the groundwork for a strategy that is both informed and comprehensive. This foundation enables the identification of growth opportunities and potential obstacles, setting the stage for strategic prioritization and action planning. The workshop's collaborative environment further ensures that every aspect of the holistic business model is examined and optimized. From the core mission and vision to operational processes, market positioning, product development, and customer engagement strategies, leaders work together to improve and innovate across all facets of the business. The development of a clear, actionable roadmap during the workshop not only outlines specific steps for strategic implementation but also embeds innovation and adaptability within the leadership team. Leaders are encouraged to think creatively and prepare for dynamic market shifts, fostering a strategic mindset that drives sustainable growth, competitive advantage, and a culture of continuous improvement. This comprehensive approach to strategy development not only enhances the organization's strategic framework but also catalyzes a cultural transformation, embedding a strategic, innovative mindset throughout the company.


What to Expect with the Leadership Strategy Survey & Workshop?


At the core of every successful business lies a robust, forward-thinking strategy. Understanding this, we have meticulously designed the high-impact Leadership Strategy Survey & Workshop tailored specifically for your company's leadership team. This comprehensive workshop is not just an event but a transformational journey priced at $20,000, promising to redefine how you perceive, plan, and execute your business strategy.

Pre-work Meetings: Laying the Foundation

Our engagement begins with in-depth pre-work meetings, including a personal consultation with the CEO to grasp the unique dynamics, strategies, and needs of your organization. We delve into your financials, business overview, functional strategies, and competitive landscape through 30-minute interviews with each leader. This phase is critical for customizing the workshop to address your specific challenges and opportunities, using language, terminology, and modules that resonate with your team.

Customize and Deploy Survey: Gathering Insights

The journey progresses with our Leadership Strategy Survey, customized to provoke thought, foster common understanding, and provide a comprehensive view of every business model element. This survey primes your team by addressing both holistic and specific areas, ensuring that everyone is aligned and ready to contribute meaningfully.

Analyze and Synthesize: Crafting the Strategy

Armed with data and insights from the survey, we craft bespoke workshop content, setting the stage for breakthrough ideas and strategic planning. This phase is crucial for understanding the current state and identifying areas for improvement and innovation.

The Workshop: Transformative Collaboration

Our workshop, lasting 8 hours over a full in-person workshop or 2-3 virtual sessions, is where the magic happens. We dissect each element of your business model, from mission, vision, and values to target markets, focusing on both quick wins and long-term strategies. Through collaboration, we prioritize crucial business model elements, distill the essence of your strategy, and identify areas needing clarity. The result? Insightful strategies and an action plan that sets the direction for your 3-5 year strategic vision.

Follow-up: Ensuring Impact

Post-workshop, we engage in a follow-up phase to ensure the implementation of strategic initiatives, based on insights gathered from our comprehensive survey. This survey covers key organizational aspects, market dynamics, customer understanding, and much more, ensuring a holistic approach to strategic planning.

Your Investment in the Future

For $20,000, this workshop is not an expense but an investment in your company's future. It is an opportunity to unite your leadership team around a shared vision, harnessing their collective expertise to unlock your organization's full potential. Join us in this transformative journey, and let's build a brighter, more successful future for your business together.

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