Your team can drive strategy with a little support and coaching


Traditional management consulting is broken. You've probably had enough of the exorbitant rates, black box methodologies, and endless PowerPoint presentations.

Stratechi is committed to helping companies achieve substantial and lasting improvements in their performance. We bring expertise to our clients to shape direction, mobilize their organizations, build capabilities, and support execution for sustainable results.

What makes Stratechi unique is our focus on high-impact and low-cost approaches utilizing client teams to many of the most challenging strategy topics. Your team drives the strategy development process with the support of our coaches, methodologies, tools, and analytics team. Not only does our approach create winning strategies at a fraction of the traditional management consulting price points, but it also creates long-lasting internal strategic planning capabilities. Set up a time below to learn more.



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Comprehensive assessment of your management team's effectiveness and efficiency, leading to a management workshop to develop an improvement plan.

A 1-2 day immersive leadership workshop to develop your company's strategic plan with foundational context created through the strategy survey, interviews and analysis.

An open-ended immersive survey on the business model. The entire leadership team takes the survey to critically think through strategies, issues, and ideas.

A structured 30-60 minute survey on the every aspect of the organization. All employees can participate to create a comprehensive gap analysis and actionable ideas.

You put together your best team, focus them on a big opportunity, and we teach them the consulting playbook and help drive them to a strategy and success.

We can help with a fresh perspective, experience and our toolkit to help you think through situations and create successful strategies.


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