“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.”

– John Maxwell – Leadership Expert & Author

There are few nobler pursuits than to lead people, helping them realize their potential as individuals and teams. There is the old adage that “people are everything.” Without them, there is no business, no future.

The crucial difference between great companies and poor companies comes down to great people leadership versus poor people leadership.

The collective energy and actions of the people in an organization can tank a business or grow it to billions in sales. And, the beauty of people leadership is that it comes down to some basic and commonsense principles and tools.

Here are the top people leadership tools and concepts:

1. The Right People, in the Right Roles
2. Clear Accountabilities & High Expectations
3. Empowerment & Delegation
4. Will Skill Matrix
5. Myers Briggs
6. Be a Coach, Not a Manager
7. Effective Meetings
8. Execution
9. Change Management
10. Complexity Reduction
11. Crowdsourcing