Download the Sales Plan Template with 100 PowerPoint slides of sales strategy storylines, initiatives, templates, frameworks, professional graphics, charts, and icons.

Designed by sales leaders and McKinsey consultants, the sales plan template covers sales strategies, performance, goals, account planning, territory expansion, sales compensation, marketing strategies, growth initiatives, sales org charts & design, sales budgeting, and more.

Get a headstart on your sales plan strategy and PowerPoint presentation by instantly downloading the sales plan template with great-looking and easy-to-edit slides and multiple color palettes.

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The Sales Plan Template has you covered in kickstarting your sales and marketing strategy and plan. The agenda starts with the Year in Review, highlighting the accomplishments over the past year, historical performance, customer funnel metrics and initiatives, and a KPI scorecard. Then the agenda covers Next Year's Goals with KPI targets and new initiatives. The next section covers the core sales initiatives to improve the customer funnel. The agenda covers launching of new products and services. Then the deck goes into Improving the Fundamentals covering sales funnel initiatives and projects, methodologies, IT strategy, and project plans. Then the agenda covers marketing initiatives including customer segments, messaging, campaigns, digital and social strategy, and a marketing calendar and budget. The last section is on Elevating the Team which covers the sales and marketing team budget, commission and compensation plans, people initiatives, territory coverage, and org chart. The template also includes a ton of bonus charts, icons, worksheets, framework slides, and more. And, you can use our free guides on Sales Strategy and Marketing Strategy to generate ideas for your presentation.


Sales Title Page
The Sales Teams Mission
Sales Agenda Slide
Sales Team Wins
Historical Sales Revenue Chart
Sales Breakdown Chart
Sales Goals KPIs Scorecard
Sales Pipeline Metrics Initiatives
Next Years Sales Goals Agenda Slide
High level Sales Goals
Next Years Sales KPIs Goals
Next Years Sales Initiatives
Launch New Products Agenda Slide
New Product Service Launches
Sales Launch Initiatives
Sales Geographic Expansion Plan
Improve Sales Fundamentals
Sales Funnel Initiatives
Sales Methodology Improvements
Sales Technology Initiatives
Sales Top Prospects Accounts Plan
Sales Project Plan
Turn Up the Marketing Agenda Slide
High level Marketing Strategy
Target Customer Personas
Marketing Campaign Overview
Media Mix Spend Chart
Channel Partner Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Media Mix Spend by Month Chart
Elevate the Sales Team Agenda Slide
Sales Budget Headcount Slide
Sales Team Org Chart
Sales Territory US Map
Sales Employee Journey Strategy
Sales Compensation Plan
Thank You Questions
Generic Sales Plan Slides
Sales PowerPoint World Map
Expanding Circle PowerPoint Framework
5 Block PowerPoint Slide
Hexagon PowerPoint Slide
3 Strategy Yin Yang PowerPoint Slide
4 Part Puzzle Piece PowerPoint
Sales Roadmap PowerPoint Slide
4 Part Flower PowerPoint Template
8 Part Flower PowerPoint Template
Speedometer PowerPoint Slide
Pyramid PowerPoint Template
3 Ellipse PowerPoint Template
3 Box PowerPoint Template
Staircase PowerPoint Slide
Downward Flow PowerPoint Template
4 Piece Process PowerPoint Slide
Milestone PowerPoint Slide
4 Box PowerPoint Framework
3 Box PowerPoint Framework
3 Box Segmented PowerPoint Framework
Sales Performance PowerPoint Slide
Sales Agenda PowerPoint Slide
Sales Priority PowerPoint Slide
Sales Plan PowerPoint Icons
Sales PowerPoint Icons 1
Sales PowerPoint Icons 2
Sales PowerPoint Icons 3
Sales PowerPoint Icons 4
Sales PowerPoint Icons 5
Sales PowerPoint Icons 6
Sales PowerPoint Icons 7
Sales PowerPoint Icons 8
Sales PowerPoint Icons 9
Sales PowerPoint Icons 10
Sales PowerPoint Icons 11
Sales PowerPoint Icons 12
Sales Plan PowerPoint Worksheets
SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Slide
Porters 5 Forces PowerPoint Template
PESTLE Analysis PowerPoint Template
Prioritization Matrix PowerPoint Template
Competitive Advantage PowerPoint Template
Change Management PowerPoint Template
Change Management PowerPoint Worksheet
Sales SMART Goal PowerPoint Worksheet
Sales Strategy Overview PowerPoint
Marketing Campaign PowerPoint Template
Product Roadmap PowerPoint Example
Comprehensive SWOT Analysis PowerPoint.
Service Benchmarking PowerPoint Template
Product Benchmarking PowerPoint Template
Sales Project Team Charter PowerPoint
Sales Images PowerPoint
Sales PowerPoint Charts
Sales Pie PowerPoint Charts
Sales Stacked Column PowerPoint Chart
Sales Stacked Bar PowerPoint Chart
Stacked Column PowerPoint Chart
100 Stacked Column PowerPoint Chart
Sales Waterfall PowerPoint Chart
Sales Bubble PowerPoint Chart
Sales Radar PowerPoint Chart
Terms Conditions

The 100-page Sales Plan PowerPoint Template includes:

1. Title Page
2. The Sales Team's Mission
3. Agenda Slide
4. Sales Team Wins
5. Historical Revenue Chart
6. Sales Breakdown Chart
7. Sales Goals & KPIs Scorecard
8. Sales Pipeline Metrics & Initiatives
9. Next Year's Goals Agenda Slide
10. High-level Sales Goals
11. Next Year's KPIs & Goals
12. Next Year's Sales Initiatives
13. Launch New Products Agenda Slide
14. New Product & Service Launches
15. Launch Initiatives
16. Geographic Expansion Plan
17. Improve the Sales Fundamentals
18. Sales Funnel Initiatives
19. Sales Methodology Improvements
20. Sales Technology Initiatives
21. Top Prospects & Accounts Plan
22. Sales Project Plan
23. Turn Up the Marketing Agenda Slide
24. High-level Marketing Strategy
25. Target Customer Personas
26. Marketing Campaign Overview
27. Media Mix Spend Chart
28. Channel Partner Strategy
29. Social Media Strategy
30. Media Mix Spend by Month Chart
31. Elevate the Team Agenda Slide
32. Sales Budget & Headcount Slide
33. Sales Team Org Chart
34. Sales Territory US Map

35. Sales Employee Journey Strategy
36. Sales Compensation Plan
37. Thank You & Questions
39. Sales World Map
40. Expanding Circle Framework
41. 5 Block Slide
42. Hexagon Slide
43. 3 Strategy Yin Yang Slide
44. 4-Part Puzzle Piece
45. Sales Roadmap Slide
46. 4-Part Flower Template
47. 8-Part Flower Template
48. Speedometer Slide
49. Pyramid Framework
50. 3-Ellipse Template
51. 3-Box Template
52. Staircase Slide
53. Downward Flow Template
54. 4-Piece Process Slide
55. Milestone Slide
56. 4-Box Framework
57. 3-Box Framework
58. 3-Box Segmented Framework
59. Sales Performance Slide
60. Sales Agenda Slide
61. Sales Priority Slide
63. Light Blue Background 1 of 3
64. Light Blue Background 2 of 3
65. Light Blue Background 3 of 3
66. Dark Blue Background 1 of 3
67. Dark Blue Background 2 of 3
68. Dark Blue Background 3 of 3

69. White Icons 1 of 3
70. White Icons 2 of 3
71. White Icons 3 of 3
72. Dark Blue Icons 1 of 3
73. Dark Blue Icons 2 of 3
74. Dark Blue Icons 3 of 3
76. SWOT Analysis
77. Porter’s 5 Forces Template
78. PESTLE Analysis Template
79. Prioritization Matrix Template
80. Competitive Advantage Template
81. Change Management Template
82. Change Management Worksheet
83. Sales SMART Goal Worksheet
84. Sales Strategy Overview
85. Marketing Campaign Template
86. Product Roadmap Example
87. Comprehensive SWOT Analysis
88. Service Benchmarking Template
89. Product Benchmarking Template
90. Sales Project Team Charter
91. Sales Images
93. Sales Pie Charts
94. Sales Stacked Column Chart
95. Sales Stacked Bar Chart
96. Stacked Column Chart
97. 100% Stacked Column Chart
98. Sales Waterfall Chart
99. Sales Bubble Chart
100. Sales Radar Chart
101. Terms & Conditions

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Comprehensive Sales Plan Strategy Presentation Templates

1. Sales Team's Mission

Set the stage for your sales journey with a compelling mission statement that unites your team around a common goal and purpose.

2. Agenda Slide

Keep your presentation organized and focused with an agenda slide that outlines the key topics and flow of your sales plan.

3. Sales Goals and Performance

Monitor your team's progress and performance with in-depth insights into sales goals, KPIs, and a scorecard to track achievements.

4. Next Year's Goals and Initiatives

Prepare for the future by outlining the high-level sales goals, KPIs, and initiatives for the upcoming year.

5. Product and Service Launch

Maximize product and service launches with a dedicated agenda slide and detailed initiatives for successful market entry.

6. Geographic Expansion

Explore new territories and markets with a strategic plan for geographic expansion.

7. Sales Fundamentals and Methodology

Strengthen your sales fundamentals and methodology with targeted initiatives to enhance the sales process and technology.

8. Target Customer and Marketing Strategy

Understand your customers better and create effective marketing strategies with insights into target customer personas, campaign overviews, and media mix spend.

9. Sales Team Structure and Performance

Build a high-performing sales team with an org chart, budget allocation, and a well-defined sales employee journey strategy.

10. Sales Templates and Frameworks

Effortlessly communicate complex ideas with a variety of generic sales and marketing plan templates, icons, worksheets, and charts.

11. Miscellaneous

Conclude your presentation with a thank-you slide and provide any necessary terms and conditions.

12. Sales Performance Analysis

Dive deep into your sales team's performance with comprehensive analysis and insights, enabling data-driven decision-making.

13. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Explore how to leverage CRM systems to streamline sales processes, enhance customer interactions, and boost productivity.

14. Sales Training and Development

Invest in your team's growth by incorporating a dedicated section on training programs, skill development, and ongoing coaching.

15. Competitive Analysis and Market Research

Equip your team with valuable intelligence by including a section on competitive analysis and market research findings.

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