Stratechi's Strategic Plan & Company Overview Template has 121 slides to give you a jumpstart on your strategy presentation.  Developed by a McKinsey alum and the creator of, clients use the PowerPoint template and slides for their strategic plan, company overview, pitch deck, and strategy presentations. It contains snapshots, frameworks, analyses, initiatives, McKinsey-style charts, editable slides, and professional graphics and icons covering company overview, history, mission, vision, values, market analysis, customer segments, financials, value proposition, product, services, go-to-market, sales, marketing, org design, HR, and IT.

Download this template now to save time making slides and get a headstart on your strategic plan, company overview, pitch deck, or strategy presentation. Look below to see all of the slides included in this instant download. It has many great ideas, slides, and templates; you can choose which ones will help with your presentation.


This template will accelerate the creation of a strong, clear, and professional company overview and strategic plan. The template sections cover many agenda topics. It starts with a company overview section covering vision, mission, values, performance and milestones, management team, company timeline, funding, and board of directors. The value proposition section covers products, services, differentiation, pricing, competitive charts, feature charts, and testimonials. The financials and metrics section covers key metrics, KPI dashboard, historical performance, budgeting, P&L, and more. The company vision section covers business model strategy, vision statement, key initiatives, and goals. The target market section covers market overview, segmentation, competitive profiles, SWOT analysis, PESTLE, Porter's Five Forces, competitive dynamics, and market mapping. The target customer section includes slides on customer segmentation, customer profiles, customer metrics, demographics, and more. The product development section is all about taking the company's products to the next level with roadmaps, project plans, competitive product comparisons, features, and team improvement. The customer service section is all about strategies to improve the customer journey and team. It also has sections on sales, marketing, HR, and IT. The template also includes additional slides, frameworks, charts and icons to get you started on your company overview and strategic plan.


1. Strategic Plan Title Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Company Overview
4. Vision & Mission Statements
5. Company Values Example
6. Company History Example
7. Leadership Team Example
8. Company Timeline
9. Fundraising History & Board
10. Value Proposition
11. Value Proposition Example
12. Features & Benefits Example
13. Tiered Pricing Chart
14. Competitive Product Comparison
15. Product Feature Ranking
16. Customer Reviews Template
17. Financials & Metrics
18. Company Top-level Metrics
19. Company Dashboard Example
20. Sales Growth Chart Example
21. Core Metrics Chart
22. Global Map Sales Template
23. Income Statement Excel 
24. Budget Excel Template
25. Budget Variance Template
26. Balance Sheet Excel Template
27. Company Vision
28. Business Model Strategy 
29. Company Vision Template
30. Target Market & Customers
31. Value Proposition Vision

32. Go-to-Market Vision
33. Org Design & Vision
34. Target Market
35. Market Overview Template
36. Total Addressable Market 
37. Market Map Template
38. Market Growth Charts
39. PESTLE Analysis Worksheet
40. SWOT Analysis Worksheet
41. PORTER’s Five Forces 
42. Market Growth Stacked Chart
43. Global Market Size Chart
44. US Regional Market Size Chart
45. Target Customers
46. Customer Growth Chart
47. Market Segmentation
48. Customer Segmentation Chart
49. Customer Segment Overview
50. Customer Metrics Segmentation 
51. Target Buyer Profile Example
52. Buyer Persona Example
53. Product Development Strategy
54. Product Strategy Matrix
55. Product Strategy Template
56. Design Strategy Template
57. Product Feature Spider Chart
58. Product Strategy Roadmap
59. Product Team Snapshot
60. SDLC Strategy Template
61. Customer Service
62. Service Strategy Snapshot

63. Customer Service Strategy 
64. Customer Journey Template
65. Shopping Journey Template
66. Sales Strategy
67. Sales Team Snapshot
68. Sales Initiatives Overview 
69. Sales Funnel Strategy Template
70. Sales Team Org Chart
71. Sales & Marketing Budget
72. Marketing Strategy
73. Marketing Wins Example 
74. Marketing KPIs Example
75. Website Strategy Snapshot
76. Marketing Messaging Strategy
77. Marketing Campaign Example 
78. Owned Media Example Template
79. Customer Metrics Charts
80. Purchasing Funnel Stages Chart
81. Human Resources Strategy
82. Org Heath Example Template
83. HR Strategy Template
84. Org Chart Example
85. Employee Journey Strategy
86. HR Budget Excel Template
87. HR Project Plan Template
88. HR Change Management 
89. IT Strategy
90. IT Strategy Snapshot Example
91. IT Strategy Template
92. IT Project Portfolio Prioritization
93. Icons, Images & Extra Slides

94. People Icons
95. Ideas Icons
96. Time & Place Icons
97. Chart Icons
98. Project & Process Icons
99. Prioritization Matrix
100. BCG Growth Matrix
101. BCG Growth Matrix Template
102. PESTLE Analysis
103. PESTLE Analysis Topics
104. 3 Horizons of Growth
105. Org Strategy Framework
106. Strategic Plan Framework
107. 4-box Framework Example
108. Competitive Profile Example
109. Market Share Example
110. Customer Survey Pie Chart
111. Market Share Line Chart
112. Market Share Stacked Chart
113. Customer Channel Bar Chart
114. KPI Variance Example
115. US Map Template
116. Global Map Template
117. Teamwork Royalty-Free Pics
118. Office Royalty–Free Pictures
119. Design Royalty-Free Pictures
120. Strategy Royalty-Free Pictures
121. Planning Royalty-Free Pictures


Strategic Plan Title Page
Strategic Plan Table of Contents
Company Overview
Vision & Mission Statements
Company Values Example
Company History Example
Leadership Team Example
Company Timeline
Fundraising History & Board
Value Proposition
Value Proposition Example
Features & Benefits Example
Tiered Pricing Chart
Competitive Product Comparison
Product Feature Ranking
Customer Reviews Template
Financials & Metrics
Company Top level Metrics
Company Dashboard Example
Sales Growth Chart Example
Core Metrics Chart
Global Map Sales Template
Income Statement Excel Template
Budget Excel Template
Budget Variance Template
Balance Sheet Excel Template
Company Vision
Business Model Strategy Template
Company Vision Template
Target Market & Customers
Value Proposition Vision
Go to Market Vision
Org Design & Vision
Target Market
Market Overview Template
Total Addressable Market Example
Market Map Template
Market Growth Charts
PESTLE Analysis Worksheet
SWOT Analysis Worksheet
PORTER’s Five Forces Worksheet
Market Growth Stacked Chart
Global Market Size Chart
US Regional Market Size Chart
Target Customers
Customer Growth Chart
Market Segmentation
Customer Segmentation Chart
Customer Segmentation Overview
Customer Metrics Segmentation Chart
Target Buyer Profile Example
Buyer Persona Example
Product Development Strategy
Product Strategy Matrix
Product Strategy Template
Design Strategy Template
Product Feature Spider Chart
Product Strategy Roadmap
Product Team Snapshot
SDLC Strategy Template
Customer Service
Website Strategy Snapshot
Customer Service Strategy Template
Customer Journey Template
Shopping Journey Template
Sales Strategy
Sales Team Snapshot
Sales Initiatives Overview Template
Sales Funnel Strategy Template
Sales Team Org Chart
Sales & Marketing Budget
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Wins Example Template
Marketing KPIs Example
Website Strategy Snapshot
Marketing Messaging Strategy
Marketing Campaign Example Template
Owned Media Example Template
Customer Metrics Charts
Purchasing Funnel Stages Chart
Human Resources Strategy
Org Heath Example Template
HR Strategy Template
Org Chart Example
Employee Journey Strategy
HR Budget Excel Template
HR Project Plan Template
HR Change Management Worksheet
IT Strategy
IT Strategy Snapshot Example
IT Strategy Template
IT Project Portfolio Prioritization
Icons, Images & Extra Slides
People Icons
Ideas Icons
Time & Place Icons
Chart Icons
Project & Process Icons
Prioritization Matrix
BCG Growth Matrix
BCG Growth Matrix Template
PESTLE Analysis
PESTLE Analysis Topics
3 Horizons of Growth
Org Strategy Framework
Strategic Plan Framework
4 box Framework Example
Competitive Profile Example
Market Share Example
Customer Survey Pie Chart
Market Share Line Chart
Market Share Stacked Chart
Customer Channel Bar Chart
KPI Variance Example
US Map Template
Global Map Template
Teamwork Royalty Free Pictures
Office Royalty–Free Pictures
Design Royalty Free Pictures
Strategy Royalty Free Pictures
Planning Royalty Free Pictures

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