The Compendium of Strategy Frameworks is 168 PowerPoint slides of strategy frameworks, worksheets, charts, templates, icons, and professional graphics. Developed by a McKinsey alum and the founder of, this is your one-stop shop for the top-used strategy frameworks for your strategic planning and analysis needs. Below you can view the preview of the deck, the table of contents, and each individual slide.

Included are many of the most used strategy frameworks covering competitive dynamics, market analysis, decision-making, strategic dynamics, growth strategies, organizations, strategic planning, McKisney-style charts and graphs, process strategy, problem solving, business models, management & leadership, and goals & metrics. You get all of the top hits such as SWOT Analysis, Porter's 5 Forces, PESTLE, the ANSOFF Growth Matrix, the Change Management Model, most of the frameworks and worksheets, and so much more. Professionally designed strategy frameworks, charts, icons, and graphics. Don't reinvent the wheel, simply download the Compendium of Strategy Frameworks to get you started.


Strategy Frameworks Title Page
Strategy Framework Note
Strategy Frameworks List
Strategy Frameworks Section
BCG Growth Matrix
3 Horizons of Growth McKinsey
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis Worksheet
Porters Five Forces
Porters Five Forces Worksheet
Adoption Curve Growth Markets
Adoption Curve Customer Segments
ANSOFF Growth Matrix
PESTLE Analysis
PESTLE Analysis Worksheet
Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard Worksheet
Balanced Scorecard Template
Prioritization Matrix
Prioritization Matrix Template
Net Promoter Score
The 5Ws and 1H of Strategy
The 5Ws and 1H Worksheet
The 4Ps of Marketing
The 4 Ps of Marketing Worksheet
The 8Ps of Marketing
The 8Ps of Marketing Worksheet
Change Management Model
Change Management Template
Minto Pyramid Principle
Customer Purchase Funnel
Customer Journey Template
Profit Tree
Will Skill Matrix
High Performing Team Conditions
Project Management Triangle
The Definition of Strategy
The Core of Business Strategy
Business Model Framework
Types of Strategy
1 Page Business Model Template
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage Worksheet
People Strategy Framework
Employee Journey
Values Framework Options
Value Chain
Value Proposition
Stratechis Growth Matrix
Governance Framework
Profit Tree
Agile Framework
Customer Dimensions
Product Strategy
Service Strategy Framework
Customer Value Wedge
Conditions of Great Strategy
Root Cause Analysis
Rational Decision Making
Anatomy of a Process
Lean Improvement Tools
Six Sigma Framework
8 Sources of Waste
ECRS Framework
Process Maturity Framework
Stages of Data
Levels to Best Practice
Negotiation Framework
Elements of a Plan
Elements of a Model
First 100 Days Game Plan
Arrow Tree Framework
5 Block Horizontal Slide
Four Part Circle
Expanding Circle Framework
5 Block Slide
Hexagon Slide
3 Strategy Yin Yang Slide
4 Part Puzzle Piece
Roadmap Slide
4 Part Flower Framework
8 Part Flower Framework

Speedometer Slide
Pyramid Framework
3 Ellipse Framework

Funnel Framework
Alternative Funnel
Project Template
Performance Template
3 Box Framework
Staircase Framework
Org Chart
US Map
Editable World Country Map
Downward Flow Template
4 Piece Process Framework
Core Initiative Framework
Milestone Framework
4 Box Framework
3 Box Segmented Framework
3 Box Segmented Framework
KPI Template
KPI Goal Template
Strategy Icons Light Blue Background 1 of 3
Strategy Icons 2
Strategy Icons 3
Strategy Icons 5
Strategy icons 6
Strategy Icons 7
Strategy Icons 8
Strategy Icons 9
Strategy Icons 10
Strategy Icons 11
Strategy Icons 12
Strategy Icons 13
Donut Chart
Pie Charts
Historical Column Chart
Stacked Column Chart
100 Stacked Column Chart
Alternative Stacked Column
100 Stacked Bar Chart
Bubble Chart
Radar Chart
Process Map Icons
Process Map Example
Hypothesis Tree Template
Decision Matrix
Process Maturity Worksheet
8 Forms of Waste Worksheet
Comprehensive SWOT Analysis
ROLES Framework
ROLES Worksheet
Project Team Charter
Strategic Alignment Charter
Culture Charter
Governance Worksheet
Meeting Charter
SMART Goals Worksheet
Change Mgmt. Worksheet
Will Skill Assessment
7 Sources of Power
Personal Power Plan Worksheet
Functions Framework
Product Roadmap
Alternative Product Roadmap
Project Plan Template
Project Management Scorecard
KPI Worksheet
Analytical Model Template
Negotiation Worksheet
Service Benchmarking
Product Benchmarking
ce Idea Template
Product Idea Template

The 168 slides in the Strategy Frameworks Compendium template includes:

5. BCG Growth Share Matrix
6. McKinsey Three Horizons of Growth
7. SWOT Analysis
8. SWOT Analysis Worksheet
9. Porter’s Five Forces
10. Porter’s Five Forces Worksheet
11. Adoption Curve Growth Markets
12. Adoption Curve Customer Segments
13. Ansoff Growth Matrix
14. PESTLE Analysis
15. PESTLE Analysis Topics
16. PESTLE Analysis Worksheet
17. Balanced Scorecard
18. Balanced Scorecard Worksheet
19. Balanced Scorecard Template
20. Prioritization Matrix
21. Prioritization Matrix Template
22. The 5Ws and 1H of Strategy
23. The 5Ws and 1H Worksheet
24. The 4Ps of Marketing
25. The 4 Ps of Marketing Worksheet
26. The 8Ps of Marketing
27. The 8Ps of Marketing Worksheet
28. Net Promoter Score
29. Change Management Model
30. Change Management Template
31. Minto Pyramid Principle
32. Customer Purchase Funnel
33. Customer Journey Template
34. Profit Tree
35. Will Skill Matrix
36. High-Performing Team Conditions
37. Project Management Triangle
38. SMART Goals
40. The Definition of Strategy
41. The Core of Business Strategy
42. Business Model Framework

43. Types of Strategy
44. How a Business Model Works
45. 1-Page Business Model Template
46. Sustainable Competitive Advantage
47. Competitive Advantage Worksheet
48. People Strategy Framework
49. Employee Journey
50. Values Framework & Options
51. Value Chain
52. Value Proposition
53. Stratechi’s Growth Matrix
54. Governance Framework
55. Sources of Synergy
56. Agile Framework
57. Customer Dimensions
58. Product Strategy Framework
59. Service Strategy Framework
60. Customer Value Wedge
61. Conditions of Great Strategy
62. Voice of the Customer
63. Disaggregation
64. Root Cause Analysis
65. Rational Decision-Making
66. Anatomy of a Process
67. Lean Improvement Tools
68. Six Sigma Framework
69. 8 Sources of Waste
70. ECRS Framework
71. Process Maturity Framework
72. Stages of Data
73. Levels to Best Practice
74. Negotiation Framework
75. Elements of a Plan
76. Elements of a Model
77. First 100 Days Game Plan
79. Arrow Tree Framework
80. 5 Block Horizontal Slide
81. Four Part Circle
82. Expanding Circle Framework
83. 5 Block Slide
84. Hexagon Slide

85. 3 Strategy Yin Yang Slide
86. 4-Part Puzzle Piece
87. Roadmap Slide
88. 4-Part Flower Framework
89. 8-Part Flower Framework
90. Speedometer Slide
91. Pyramid Framework
92. 3-Ellipse Framework
93. Funnel Framework
94. Alternative Funnel
95. Project Template
96. Performance Template
97. 3-Box Framework
98. Staircase Framework
99. Org Chart
100. US Map
101. Global Map
102. Downward Flow Template
103. 4-Piece Process Framework
104. Core Initiative Framework
105. Milestone Framework
106. 4-Box Framework
107. 3-Box Framework
108. 3-Box Segmented Framework
109. KPI Template
110. KPI Goal Template
112. Light Blue Background 1 of 3
113. Light Blue Background 2 of 3
114. Light Blue Background 3 of 3
115. Dark Blue Background 1 of 3
116. Dark Blue Background 2 of 3
117. Dark Blue Background 3 of 3
118. White Icons 1 of 3
119. White Icons 2 of 3
120. White Icons 3 of 3
121. Dark Blue Icons 1 of 3
122. Dark Blue Icons 2 of 3
123. Dark Blue Icons 3 of 3
125. Donut Chart
126. Pie Charts

125. Donut Chart
126. Pie Charts
127. Historical Column Chart
128. Stacked Column Chart
129. 100% Stacked Column Chart
130. Alternative Stacked Column
131. 100% Stacked Bar Chart
132. Waterfall Chart
133. Bubble Chart
134. Radar Chart
135. Process Map Icons
136. Process Map Example
138. Problem Statement Worksheet
139. Hypothesis Tree Template
140. Decision Matrix
141. Process Maturity Worksheet
142. 8 Forms of Waste Worksheet
143. Comprehensive SWOT Analysis
144. ROLES Framework
145. ROLES Worksheet
146. Project Team Charter
147. Strategic Alignment Charter
148. Culture Charter
149. Governance Worksheet
150. Meeting Charter
151. SMART Goals Worksheet
152. Change Mgmt. Worksheet
153. Will Skill Assessment
154. 7 Sources of Power
155. Personal Power Plan Worksheet
156. Functions Framework
157. Product Roadmap
158. Alternative Product Roadmap
159. Project Plan Template
160. Project Management Scorecard
161. KPI Worksheet
162. Analytical Model Template
163. Negotiation Worksheet
164. Service Benchmarking
165. Product Benchmarking
166. Service Idea Template
167. Product Idea Template

Preview the Strategy Frameworks Compendium

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