Strategy workshops are very effective in driving collaborative solutions and decisions. Yet, they can also be a big waste of time if the prework and facilitation aren't up to par. The key to effective and efficient strategy workshops is getting the prework right, strong facilitation, and action-oriented follow-up. If you have these three elements of a strategy workshop covered, you'll elevate collaborative problem solving and decision-making.

For over 25 years, I've been working with clients, preparing for and conducting successful strategy workshops on many topics. I did my fair share of workshops at McKinsey and Oliver Wyman and have taken it to the next level with my Stratechi clients. I collaborate with my clients to understand the decisions and solutions they seek in a workshop, develop the necessary pre-workshop materials, facilitate a productive, engaging, and insightful workshop, synthesize the results and follow-up action items, and ensure the team realizes the impact.

If you are looking for an experienced partner to help with the prework, facilitation, and follow-up needed for a successful workshop, email me at, and we'll collaborate on scoping out your strategy workshop.

Strategy Workshop

Strategy Workshop Prework

The first phase of a strategy workshop is the prework to create the foundation for a successful workshop. During this phase, we will work closely to define the desired outcomes and output of the workshop. Next, we will talk through the dynamics and strategies to make a productive and positive workshop. We may conduct structured interviews and deploy Stratechi's leadership strategy survey to understand the participants' perspectives better and generate ideas. We will then start developing the agenda and material and brainstorm the activities to maximize the workshop's collaboration, focus, and results. If needed, we will assign pre-workshop homework to participants to get them thinking about the workshop topics.

Strategy Workshop Facilitation

Given my experience, objectivity, and being a neutral party, I often facilitate the actual workshop. We will strategize on the best format and location for the workshop. Workshops are typically 6-8 hours long, some two days. I focus on increasing engagement, creativity, and collaboration during the workshop through prompts, exercises, and questions. I have an effective skill set in getting everyone to contribute and creating a fun environment while driving insights and efficiently progressing through the agenda. Given today's environment, I do a fair number of virtual workshops, though the results are typically better with in-person workshops.

Strategy Workshop Follow-up

The key to driving impact from a workshop is the follow-up. I work with the team to synthesize the workshop findings and results. Then, we prioritize and assign the action items to participants and drive to the next steps. I typically help facilitate follow-up meetings and governance to ensure accountability, results, and continued momentum.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strategy Workshops

What topics can you cover in a workshop?

I cover most strategy and strategic planning topics, including corporate strategy, marketingsales, operations, growthorganizational design and strategy, business model designmission and values, annual planning, and more. I also do situational workshops when a problem needs to be solved, or an opportunity needs to be better defined and actioned.

What are the typical fees charged for a workshop?

Every workshop is slightly different in terms of necessary prework, length, and follow-up effort, so I simply charge clients by the hour.

How much lead time do you need?

I've done workshops with less than a week's notice, but typically prefer at least a few weeks to do the proper prework to ensure a successful workshop.

How do I get started?

You can schedule an hour with me above. If you have some questions about workshop facilitation, you can email me at

I appreciate the consideration and I hope I can support you in creating and running an impactful workshop!

Are sessions confidential?

Of course. I am bound to this confidentiality agreement with every paying client.

How do clients pay for services?

For strategy workshop clients, we typically start with a block of hours paid by credit card and then move to an invoice for services rendered.