Process Maturity Worksheet

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Organizations are made up of hundreds and often thousands of processes. As a strategic leader, you often stumble upon major issues such as waste, quality, inconsistency, and things constantly falling through the cracks, which are all typical signs of processes at low levels of maturity.

If you can identify, understand and diagnose the critical processes with low levels of maturity, you can start to fix them and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your team and organization. As you grow as a strategic leader, use the process maturity levels to build the skill to quickly assess processes and prioritize the actions necessary to improve them.


To get you going on process maturity, download the Process Maturity Optimization Worksheet.

Exercise 1 – Assess an Important Process

Take an important process and use the Process Maturity Worksheet to document the inputs, general process and outputs. Then document the various stakeholders in terms of who generates or are the suppliers of inputs, who executes and is responsible for the general process, and who are the customers and beneficiaries of the outputs. And, then go through each maturity level question and document the current state to assess the maturity of the process. Once that is complete, you can create the improvement plan to move the process from the current maturity to the target maturity level.





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