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Pronounced: ‘stra-ta-chi
Definition: The boundless energy generated from compelling strategy

For too long, strategy has been locked up in board rooms and the black box of management consulting. Our mission is to simplify strategy by empowering you and your team with the strategy tools, methodologies, templates, and coaching to create and execute winning strategies.

I've been asked a lot about what drove me to create, and the answer is simple. First, I love strategy and helping people develop and execute winning strategies. Second, I was fed up with the artificial mysticism around strategy reinforced by consulting firms (I spent 7+ years at McKinsey and Oliver Wyman). With the right approaches, framing, and creative solutions, great strategy can and should be developed by the leaders and teams responsible for executing the strategies. My goal is to help you and your team unlock your true potential. I am super grateful to have had over 1 million people utilize in their journey.

I've organized into three sections.

The first is the strategy section which covers most aspects of business strategy. There are many good books on sales, marketing, growth, and other types of strategy, but they are all written by domain experts who have created their own language around their work. My goal was to develop a comprehensive set of strategy guides covering a business model and all the elements of a business model using a common framework and consistent language so people can understand how the different strategies interact and relate to each other.

The second is the leadership section. The content originated from a book I wrote (The Top 100 Tools of Strategic Leaders) that I decided to turn into It covers many of the most essential concepts, tools, and methodologies in strategy and leadership that I've picked up and utilized over my 25+ year career.

And, then, there is the worksheet and template section. Many of the worksheets and templates are free to download, and I've recently created some paid starter templates, which have been very useful to people looking to get a jumpstart on their strategy slide deck.

While you can browse through the hundreds of free resources on, this is only the beginning. I have some big stuff cooking, so bookmark and visit us every once in a while, like us on Facebook or LinkedIn, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

I love strategy and supporting people and teams on their strategic journeys. If you are looking for a deeply experienced and effective coach to support you in developing and achieving your goals, learn more about me and my approach, schedule some time, or contact me at

And, if you are looking for affordable and data-rich market research, visit my other company

All the best with your journey,

Joe Newsum

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Sumit Parekar

sumit parekar

Dr. Keno Specht

I must say Stratechi has been one of the biggest contributing factors to my personal and professional growth so far. Thank you. Really looking forward to learning more from you. 


Dr. Keno Specht

Many thanks for sharing your experience and you ideas via Stratechi! It is a valuable toolkit for people in today's business world and for non-profits as well!

tigwell 1

Tom Tigwell

This is the best Business resource on the Internet. I am spreading the message about your website. The reason I like it so much is that It is content heavy and applicable rather than the 'latest bestseller' where you finish motivated but none the wiser. I am your biggest UK fan 🙂


Gina de Miranda

I was cruising around the web and found THIS AWESOME and highly informative website. I will definitely recommend it to companies. 🙂


Casey Brown

Just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate Stratechi. As a former i-banker looking to move toward a strategy type role, the resource you put together has been invaluable. It's definitely the most succinct yet comprehensive strategy overview I've seen.


Angus Grundy

I think Stratechi is amazing!


Boye Oloyede

I came across Stratechi searching for best books on organizational. I must say that I fell in love with your approach to everything laid out on


Michael Beeghley

The content on is more than one could hope to learn in business school.  Thank you for providing these resources!

 Learn more about Joe Newsum, the author of all this free content and a McKinsey Alum. I provide a suite of coaching and training services to realize the potential in you, your team, and your business. Learn more about me and my coaching philosophy.
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