Negotiation Worksheet

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Negotiations can be downright tough and painful. There can be so many elements and complexities that come into play in a negotiation. Proper preparation is critical to strong negotiations since there is so much to think through. Whether negotiating an important partnership, the scope and salary of a job, the purchase of a house, or the procurement of materials, Negotiation skills are critical to the success of a strategic leader.

To get you going on your next negotiation, download the Negotiation Game Plan Worksheet.

Next time you have a big negotiation do the prep work you need to be successful. Use the Negotiation Game Plan Worksheet to organize your thoughts.

Start with stating the negotiating partner and negotiating topic. Then start listing and rank ordering your needs and interests. Then fill out what you think your partner’s needs and interests are.

Move on to identifying and ranking the desired scope of the negotiation for you, but also your partner. Then, go over the most important terms you want and then also think through your thoughts for your partners most desired terms.

Next, think through your target and walk away price ranges. And, codify what your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement).

Once you do this, then tackle some of the tactics in the negotiation, including what your communication and relationship development strategies are.

Thinking through your game plan will set you up for a higher probability of success in your negotiation.





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