Sales Strategy Worksheets & Templates

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A Sales Plan comes down to performance improvement, which can be translated to a set of goals and improvement initiatives necessary to reach those goals. So, all of the great analyses, problem solving, collaborating, and decision making should be distilled into one page of sales goals and initiatives. Of course, there should be lot more detail (project plans, resource plans, change management plans, budgets, spreadsheets, etc., etc.) behind the one page. But, as you think about communicating the big sales strategy to upper management, the internal sales team, external stakeholders and partners, one page is always best.

To get you started on developing a killer sales strategy, download the free PowerPoint Sales Strategy Worksheets & Templates, which includes:

1. Sales Pipeline Performance & Opportunities Diagnostic
2. Sales Deal Acceleration Worksheet
3. Sales Compensation Plan
4. Sales Organizational Chart
5. Sales Strategy One-Pager



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