Leadership is the art of orchestrating talent, vision, and strategy to achieve extraordinary results. My Signature Executive Coaching encapsulates this ethos, offering a transformative experience that propels executives to new heights of effectiveness and influence. My coaching, deeply rooted through my extensive consulting experience with McKinsey & Company and Oliver Wyman, alongside my executive roles spanning CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, and more across diverse industries and company sizes, is your resource for cultivating a leadership style that resonates with authenticity and drives collective excellence. For those ready to elevate their leadership, transform their teams, and accelerate business performance, my coaching is the catalyst for profound, sustainable change.


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I'm unique as an executive coach, bringing a rare combination of management consulting experience from my tenure at McKinsey & Company and Oliver Wyman, along with a variety of C-level and other leadership roles across software, CPG, retail, manufacturing, services. This hands-on leadership experience, ranging from startups to multi-billion-dollar enterprises, fosters a deep empathy and practical insight for my clients, providing them with the strategies and approaches to not only envision but also implement their visions within their organizations effectively. Drawing from my unique and extensive background, I have been instrumental in aiding a multitude of leaders to achieve transformation within themselves, foster dynamic change in their teams, and drive growth and differentiation in their businesses.

You can learn more about me, my journey, and my philosophy here.


Elevating Leadership, Accelerating Strategy

CEOs and C-level executives at high-growth potential businesses seek out my expertise. They're at the helm, steering their ventures through critical growth phases, and they choose to engage with me through a retainer model. This model is designed for consistency and depth in our strategic partnership, allowing us to collaborate closely. Together, we develop visionary strategies that fuel growth while also honing the leadership skills necessary to unite their leadership teams and broader organizations. By retaining my services, these top executives ensure they have continuous access to the strategic support required to navigate complex growth phases and realize their company's full potential.

Your Executive Coaching includes:

Tailored Coaching: I offer a tailored coaching and development plan, with sessions crafted to navigate the complexities of your unique business situation and leadership challenges.

Priority Email Access: When you're facing a critical decision or need quick insight, you'll have direct email access to me. I typically respond within a few hours, ensuring that you have support right when you need it.

Rapid Response Sessions: Business doesn't wait, and neither should you. With the ability to schedule rapid 15-30 minute sessions within 24 hours of your request, you'll have my strategic expertise on hand to tackle immediate challenges.

Team Development Access: Multiply the impact of executive coaching by sharing sessions with key team members. This collaborative approach fosters aligned leadership and strategic coherence within your organization.

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An Investment in Transformation:

Join a select group of top-tier executives who have chosen to partner with Joe Newsum for a transformational journey. Secure your place with Joe to begin your coaching experience where exclusivity means exceptional results, and each strategic session is a step toward realizing the potential within you, your team, and your business.

I invite new clients to discover the transformative impact of my executive coaching at a 50% reduction from my standard hourly rate. This introductory session, ranging from 30 minutes to two hours, allows you to dive deep into strategic discussion, leadership challenges, and potential growth areas with me, all tailored to you. It's the perfect chance to sample my personalized coaching methodology, gain actionable insights, and envision the pathway to achieving your leadership and business aspirations at an exceptional value. Moreover, this offer is entirely risk-free. I'll give you a full refund if you feel the session wasn't valuable. 

Use discount code NewClient for 50% off your first session.


Joe Newsum's Endorsements: A Legacy of Transformation

My signature coaching has ignited personal and professional growth for countless executives.


Jon Kragh
CEO, Proactive Logic

 "Joe is my executive coach. I have worked with the brightest minds in private equity and the top minds in technology, so I have very high standards. As soon as I read Joe's content, I knew he would make me better. Joe can immediately provide nuanced strategic advice for any topic on my mind. Our conversations span every topic of my business including growth, strategy, go-to-market, leadership, and most importantly, to me: life impact. "

Gina Galligan

Gina Galligan
Managing Director, Autofulfil

“I’m thrilled to have connected with Joe. He’s on a different level. He brings depth that is both thought-provoking and grounding. He punctures the sessions with questions to get to the point. He is very clear as to what course of action I should take given the stage of my business. Joe’s clarity of thought and depth of experience is impressive. Joe ensures you leave his coaching sessions with clear actions. He will add value to any executive seeking an independent and experienced perspective on what they're working on. Thanks Joe!”

Mike Arsenault

Mike Aresenault
CEO, Rejoiner.com

“For several months, I felt stuck. Growth was slow, our win rate was down, and I wasn't happy with our momentum. With Joe's guidance, we honed in on ways to clarify our ICP, set our business apart, and articulate our unique market position. Our sessions ensure I focus on strategic thinking rather than getting consumed by the day-to-day challenges. Joe is an invaluable strategic partner, and I wholeheartedly endorse him for any business owner needing to break out of a rut."

Dr. Trina Clayeux

Dr. Trina Clayeux
CEO, Give an Hour®

"I can’t say enough about Joe’s coaching. He understands the essence of our work, helps us strategically map out our initiatives and execute at a high level. We've accelerated our progress due to his expertise."

scott lazarus

Scott Lazarus
CEO, Soliro

"You can't beat Joe as a coach! Joe has the rare skill to help generate and think through the right strategic options and drive to action to scale your business for years to come."


Niklas Ruud
GM, Hellermann Tyton

 "Joe is exceptional at strategy an leadership and my go-to coach. He challenged the direction of my growth company during a time of uncertainty. During our coaching sessions, Joe provides insight, clarity, and focus, which has doubled our sales. Talk about ROI."

Your Personalized Pathway to Strategy & Leadership Mastery

My coaching methodology is a personalized approach to executive development, with each program being a finely crafted journey that resonates with your individuality. It's both a professional and personal journey tailored to the contours of your leadership style, the unique challenges your business and organization face, and your grand aspirations.

Our coaching partnership prioritizes establishing a foundation of trust, essential for uncovering the root causes behind the challenges you face. This approach allows us to collaboratively explore creative solutions and determine the most effective path forward. In this environment, accountability transcends the mere achievement of targets, focusing instead on a shared commitment to excellence. It's within this trusting space that we can navigate obstacles, develop innovative strategies, and celebrate every milestone along your journey to success.

In this partnership, I commit to understanding the depth of your vision and the breadth of your potential. I bring to bear my full arsenal of experience and insight to forge a program that is as dynamic as the markets you navigate and as unique as the leadership legacy you aim to build. My coaching methodology is more than a program—it's a transformative process to realize the potential in you, your team, and your business.

Exclusive Introductory Offer: Experience Transformational Executive Coaching with Joe Newsum at Half the Price with a MoneyBack Guarantee

Set up a risk-free session at 50% off the standard rate. This introductory session, ranging from 30 minutes to two hours, allows you to dive deep into strategic discussion, leadership challenges, and potential growth areas with me, all tailored to you. Seize this opportunity to elevate your executive journey.

Use discount code NewClient for 50% off.


If you don't see a time that works for you, email me at joe@stratechi.com and we'll schedule a time that works for both of us.