While presentations can be a bit scary, with the right training and coaching, they can become a strength of yours for years to come. I support many clients with presentation skills including storyboarding, slide development, and delivery. With my clients, I utilize many McKinsey methodologies along with my 25+ years of experience developing and delivering presentations for boards, executive teams, organizations, investors, speaking engagements, the public, and many other audiences.

My clients appreciate the fact that they not only get an impactful and clear presentation but they also that they build their presentation development and delivery capabilities and skills through our collaboration. As you progress in your career, the ability to create persuasive presentations and effectively present your arguments becomes a major differentiator.

Whether you need to work on storyboarding, slide development, presentation delivery, or all three presentation skills, I'm here for you. Set up some time below or keep on reading below about how we can collaborate on each element of presentation skills.


Presentation Skills


Presentation storyboarding is the critical blueprint and architecture of your presentation. Without a well-structured, clear, and compelling story, it will be difficult to get to the decisions and outcomes you want. We will collaborate to tap into my 25+ years of experience in creating winning presentation storylines.

We will formulate the high-level storyboard which includes the agenda, argumentation, messaging, necessary analysis, fact base, and overall structure of the presentation. In the end, you'll have a clear vision of the presentation and what needs to be done to create the presentation.

During this process, you'll also learn a lot of skills including McKinsey problem solving, storyboarding, the Minto Pyramid Principle, frameworks, argumentation, and potentially hypothesis and analysis trees. These are skills that will make you a better leader throughout your career.

Presentation Skill #2 - Slide Development

Slide development is a critical presentation skill that is best learned together. The better your individual slides the better the outcomes you are seeking. Furthermore, great slides and messaging really help to elevate your confidence and presentation delivery.

We will work together to create individual slides in real time to start understanding McKinsey best practices to slide creation. Then we will divvy up the rest of the slides to practice and improve your slide development skill set. The review sessions are always insightful and impactful as we iterate individual slides.

During this process, you'll also learn a lot of skills including McKinsey methodologies, slide design and creation best practices, prioritization and synthesis, formatting best practices, chart building and analysis, and we'll leverage some of the hundreds of presentation templates to save time.

Presentation Skill #3 - Presentation Delivery

The last skill we can work on is presentation delivery, which is a critical skill for the rest of your career. The better you are at delivery and all the prework that goes into an effective presentation, the better your chances of getting the outcomes you want from the presentation.

Through mock presentations, we assess your strengths and weaknesses and discuss strategies to address your delivery gaps. We continue to practice, potentially reviewing recordings of you presenting to really drive improvement. While this often makes people nervous, it is super effective in creating step-function improvements. You'll also learn other tips and tricks and prework you can utilize to be a more effective presenter.

In presentation delivery training, you'll learn a bunch of skills that you can lean on during the rest of your career including McKinsey presentation best practices, presence, speaking & delivery training, argumentation scripting, active listening, syndication, and question and answer best practices.

Getting Started

While that big presentation can seem daunting, we can work together to help you develop and deliver a clear, compelling, and impactful presentation. Set up some time above to get started. If you aren't satisfied with our first session, I'll refund your money. Thank you for your consideration and I hope we get to work together on improving your presentation skills!

Also, check out a ton of free and starter templates I've created to get you started.

Are sessions confidential?

Of course. I am bound to this confidentiality agreement with every paying client.

How do clients pay for services?

I try to make everything simple for my clients. I have a pay-as-you-go model. I don't believe in contractual arrangements that "lock-in" my clients. Most coaching clients initially pay by credit card through the scheduling tool and then move to purchasing however many blocks of hours they want by credit card at the bottom of my coaching page. For larger clients, we typically do monthly invoices.