Strategy Training is all about simple and insightful approaches to strategy and leadership. Many clients choose to have me, Joe Newsum, the creator of all the content on, provide their team with the knowledge and skillsets through engaging virtual or onsite training. I really enjoy training sessions because it helps elevate people’s strategic and leadership mindset and thinking.

While the training utilizes content, I customize the training to the client’s needs and context. I find it much more engaging and impactful for audiences if the training content is contextualized for the client’s industry and business.

I stick to training topics that I have a ton of experience with and that provide a ton of value for audiences. The topics I do most of my training on are Problem Solving, What is Strategy?,  and Business Models.

Problem Solving

Leveraging my 5+ years at McKinsey, this 2-hour training on problem solving is a favorite of teams given the breadth and depth we cover on the fundamentals of problem solving. We cover prioritization, problem statements, hypotheses, disaggregation, MECE, hypothesis trees, deductive vs. inductive logic, the power of questions, active listening, root cause analysis, creating options, brainstorming, decision-making, and the voice of the customer. Your team will learn the skills and tools they need to better define, approach, and solve problems. This is a must-have training for those companies that want to fundamentally improve the problem solving capabilities across the organization.

Price per training: $1,500

Maximum participants: 50 (additional fee for more participants)

What is Strategy?

Fundamentally, if a team has the same understanding, language, and approach to strategy, they will become much more effective at collaborating on and coming up with great strategies. In this 3-hour training, we cover the fundamentals of strategy, types of strategy, business models, how to develop a strategy, and much more. This training is for executives, upper & middle management, and high potentials. The training is typically customized to the client’s industry and business. It is more of a classroom-style course with a lot of interaction with participants about their own company’s strategies and strategic development. This is great training for companies looking to have a common language around strategy and upskill the strategic mindsets of their executives.

Price for customization & first training: $3,000

Price for additional trainings: $1,750

Maximum participants: 30 (additional fee for more participants)

Business Models

This 4-hour training goes deep into business models and is aimed at executives, upper management, and high potentials. We cover the different elements of a business model, target markets, geographies, and customers, value proposition (product, service, and pricing), go-to-market (sales, marketing, and distribution), and organization (org design, employee journey, culture, process, partners, infrastructure).  We also cover the goal of a business model, how to improve it, strategic planning, competitive differentiation, core competencies, and more. This training is classroom-style with customized content and discussion focused on the company’s business model.

Price for customization & first training: $4,000

Price for additional trainings: $2,500

Maximum participants: 30 (additional fee for more participants)

Getting Started & Learning More

If one of these trainings is a good fit for your company and audience, let’s have a conversation. Email me at and we’ll set up some time to discuss your needs and goals. Below is the simple process we have for our client training engagements.

Strategy Training

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