The Business PowerPoint Template Value Pack gives you over 600 pages of professionally designed and editable PowerPoint slides. You get all of's paid templates including the Compendium of Strategy Frameworks (168 pages), the HR & Org Strategy Template (186 pages), the Sales & Marketing Plan Template (101 pages), the Company Overview & Strategic Plan Template (121 pages), the Market & Competitive Analysis Template (114 pages), and the Business Model Template (17 pages). Each template has storylines, sections, charts, icons, frameworks, and more. The slides will give you a giant head start on your current and future presentations. You get over 600 professionally designed PowerPoint slides for only $150 a discount of almost 70%. As one of the best values in business PowerPoint templates, download your value pack now. 

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SWOT Analysis WorksheetTiered Pricing ChartUS Map Template

What templates are included in the Value Pack?


The Compendium of Strategy Frameworks is 168 pages of the top business, management, and strategy frameworks covering all the hits, such as SWOT Analysis, Porter's Five Forces, Pestle Analysis, the Change Management Model, Balanced Scorecard, Prioritization Matrix, and so much more. You also get all the major frameworks and worksheets. The frameworks cover competitive analysis, market analysis, growth, management, leadership, sales, marketing, projects, process, business models, KPIs, charts, and more. Take a look below at all the slides. 

Strategy Frameworks Title Page
Strategy Framework Note
Strategy Frameworks List
Strategy Frameworks Section
BCG Growth Matrix
3 Horizons of Growth McKinsey
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis Worksheet
Porters Five Forces
Porters Five Forces Worksheet
Adoption Curve Growth Markets
Adoption Curve Customer Segments
ANSOFF Growth Matrix
PESTLE Analysis
PESTLE Analysis Worksheet
Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard Worksheet
Balanced Scorecard Template
Prioritization Matrix
Prioritization Matrix Template
Net Promoter Score
The 5Ws and 1H of Strategy
The 5Ws and 1H Worksheet
The 4Ps of Marketing
The 4 Ps of Marketing Worksheet
The 8Ps of Marketing
The 8Ps of Marketing Worksheet
Change Management Model
Change Management Template
Minto Pyramid Principle
Customer Purchase Funnel
Customer Journey Template
Profit Tree
Will Skill Matrix
High Performing Team Conditions
Project Management Triangle
The Definition of Strategy
The Core of Business Strategy
Business Model Framework
Types of Strategy
1 Page Business Model Template
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage Worksheet
People Strategy Framework
Employee Journey
Values Framework Options
Value Chain
Value Proposition
Stratechis Growth Matrix
Governance Framework
Profit Tree
Agile Framework
Customer Dimensions
Product Strategy
Service Strategy Framework
Customer Value Wedge
Conditions of Great Strategy
Root Cause Analysis
Rational Decision Making
Anatomy of a Process
Lean Improvement Tools
Six Sigma Framework
8 Sources of Waste
ECRS Framework
Process Maturity Framework
Stages of Data
Levels to Best Practice
Negotiation Framework
Elements of a Plan
Elements of a Model
First 100 Days Game Plan
Arrow Tree Framework
5 Block Horizontal Slide
Four Part Circle
Expanding Circle Framework
5 Block Slide
Hexagon Slide
3 Strategy Yin Yang Slide
4 Part Puzzle Piece
Roadmap Slide
4 Part Flower Framework
8 Part Flower Framework

Speedometer Slide
Pyramid Framework
3 Ellipse Framework

Funnel Framework
Alternative Funnel
Project Template
Performance Template
3 Box Framework
Staircase Framework
Org Chart
US Map
Editable World Country Map
Downward Flow Template
4 Piece Process Framework
Core Initiative Framework
Milestone Framework
4 Box Framework
3 Box Segmented Framework
3 Box Segmented Framework
KPI Template
KPI Goal Template
Strategy Icons Light Blue Background 1 of 3
Strategy Icons 2
Strategy Icons 3
Strategy Icons 5
Strategy icons 6
Strategy Icons 7
Strategy Icons 8
Strategy Icons 9
Strategy Icons 10
Strategy Icons 11
Strategy Icons 12
Strategy Icons 13
Donut Chart
Pie Charts
Historical Column Chart
Stacked Column Chart
100 Stacked Column Chart
Alternative Stacked Column
100 Stacked Bar Chart
Bubble Chart
Radar Chart
Process Map Icons
Process Map Example
Hypothesis Tree Template
Decision Matrix
Process Maturity Worksheet
8 Forms of Waste Worksheet
Comprehensive SWOT Analysis
ROLES Framework
ROLES Worksheet
Project Team Charter
Strategic Alignment Charter
Culture Charter
Governance Worksheet
Meeting Charter
SMART Goals Worksheet
Change Mgmt. Worksheet
Will Skill Assessment
7 Sources of Power
Personal Power Plan Worksheet
Functions Framework
Product Roadmap
Alternative Product Roadmap
Project Plan Template
Project Management Scorecard
KPI Worksheet
Analytical Model Template
Negotiation Worksheet
Service Benchmarking
Product Benchmarking
ce Idea Template
Product Idea Template


This template will accelerate the creation of a strong, clear, and professional company overview and strategic plan. The template sections cover many agenda topics. It starts with a company overview section covering vision, mission, values, performance and milestones, management team, company timeline, funding, and board of directors. The value proposition section covers products, services, differentiation, pricing, competitive charts, feature charts, and testimonials. The financials and metrics section covers key metrics, KPI dashboard, historical performance, budgeting, P&L, and more. The company vision section covers business model strategy, vision statement, key initiatives, and goals. The target market section covers market overview, segmentation, competitive profiles, SWOT analysis, PESTLE, Porter's Five Forces, competitive dynamics, and market mapping. The target customer section includes slides on customer segmentation, customer profiles, customer metrics, demographics, and more. The product development section is all about taking the company's products to the next level with roadmaps, project plans, competitive product comparisons, features, and team improvement. The customer service section is all about strategies to improve the customer journey and team. It also has sections on sales, marketing, HR, and IT. The template also includes additional slides, frameworks, charts and icons to get you started on your company overview and strategic plan.


Strategic Plan Title Page
Strategic Plan Table of Contents
Company Overview
Vision & Mission Statements
Company Values Example
Company History Example
Leadership Team Example
Company Timeline
Fundraising History & Board
Value Proposition
Value Proposition Example
Features & Benefits Example
Tiered Pricing Chart
Competitive Product Comparison
Product Feature Ranking
Customer Reviews Template
Financials & Metrics
Company Top level Metrics
Company Dashboard Example
Sales Growth Chart Example
Core Metrics Chart
Global Map Sales Template
Income Statement Excel Template
Budget Excel Template
Budget Variance Template
Balance Sheet Excel Template
Company Vision
Business Model Strategy Template
Company Vision Template
Target Market & Customers
Value Proposition Vision
Go to Market Vision
Org Design & Vision
Target Market
Market Overview Template
Total Addressable Market Example
Market Map Template
Market Growth Charts
PESTLE Analysis Worksheet
SWOT Analysis Worksheet
PORTER’s Five Forces Worksheet
Market Growth Stacked Chart
Global Market Size Chart
US Regional Market Size Chart
Target Customers
Customer Growth Chart
Market Segmentation
Customer Segmentation Chart
Customer Segmentation Overview
Customer Metrics Segmentation Chart
Target Buyer Profile Example
Buyer Persona Example
Product Development Strategy
Product Strategy Matrix
Product Strategy Template
Design Strategy Template
Product Feature Spider Chart
Product Strategy Roadmap
Product Team Snapshot
SDLC Strategy Template
Customer Service
Website Strategy Snapshot
Customer Service Strategy Template
Customer Journey Template
Shopping Journey Template
Sales Strategy
Sales Team Snapshot
Sales Initiatives Overview Template
Sales Funnel Strategy Template
Sales Team Org Chart
Sales & Marketing Budget
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Wins Example Template
Marketing KPIs Example
Website Strategy Snapshot
Marketing Messaging Strategy
Marketing Campaign Example Template
Owned Media Example Template
Customer Metrics Charts
Purchasing Funnel Stages Chart
Human Resources Strategy
Org Heath Example Template
HR Strategy Template
Org Chart Example
Employee Journey Strategy
HR Budget Excel Template
HR Project Plan Template
HR Change Management Worksheet
IT Strategy
IT Strategy Snapshot Example
IT Strategy Template
IT Project Portfolio Prioritization
Icons, Images & Extra Slides
People Icons
Ideas Icons
Time & Place Icons
Chart Icons
Project & Process Icons
Prioritization Matrix
BCG Growth Matrix
BCG Growth Matrix Template
PESTLE Analysis
PESTLE Analysis Topics
3 Horizons of Growth
Org Strategy Framework
Strategic Plan Framework
4 box Framework Example
Competitive Profile Example
Market Share Example
Customer Survey Pie Chart
Market Share Line Chart
Market Share Stacked Chart
Customer Channel Bar Chart
KPI Variance Example
US Map Template
Global Map Template
Teamwork Royalty Free Pictures
Office Royalty–Free Pictures
Design Royalty Free Pictures
Strategy Royalty Free Pictures
Planning Royalty Free Pictures


The HR & Org Strategy template has everything you need to create an amazing HR & Org presentation. The template agenda starts with the Year in Review & Current State, covering wins, metrics, org structure, key metrics, headcount, and current initiatives. The agenda then covers Next Year's Goals, outlining key HR & Org goals, KPIs, metrics, budgets, initiatives and more. Then the agenda dives into the details of the HR & Org strategies and initiatives covering how the team is going to improve every aspect of the Employee Journey from recruiting, onboarding, development, evaluation, promotions. The next part of the agenda covers Org Design, which dives into headcount, layers, career tracks, org consolidation, and team composition. The last agenda section covers Culture & Compensation. In addition, you get tons of extra frameworks, icons, and slides to customize your presentation. Furthermore, you can generate ideas for strategies and initiatives utilizing our free guides on Org Strategy, The Employee Journey & Culture, and Org Design.


HR Strategy Template Title Page
HR Mission Statement
HR Strategy Agenda
HR Strategy Accomplishments
HR Strategy Performance
Org Chart
Editable US State Map
Editable World Country Map
Org Overview
organizational breakdown
Org Functions Chart
HR and Org Strategy Framework
HR Strategy Initiatives
HR Strategy Next Years Goals
Employee Goals
HR Headcount and Budget
HR Strategy Gaps
HR Strategy Plan
HR Budget
Improve the Employee Journey
Employee Journey Framework
HCM Strategy
Human Capital Management Diagnostic
HCM Initiatives
talent acquisition
Onboarding Best Practices
Employee Development
Performance Review
HCM Platform
HRIS Implementation
HR Change Management
employee strategy initiatives
strategic alignment
Org Design Strategy
Core Competencies
cascading goals
career ladder
workforce reduction
span of control
center of excellence
employee chart
employee percentage chart
powerpoint org chart
culture agenda
company culture
employee survey
workplace culture
core values list
company values
company core values
company norms
fringe benefits
total rewards strategy
total compensation strategy
sales commission
cap table example
company benefits
corporate enviornment
Thank you Questions Powerpoint
additional HR slides
Generic Sales Plan Slides
Arrow Tree Framework
5 Block Horizontal Slide
Four Part Circle
Expanding Circle PowerPoint Framework
4 Part Puzzle Piece PowerPoint
Hexagon PowerPoint Slide
3 Strategy Yin Yang PowerPoint Slide
4 Part Puzzle Piece PowerPoint
Sales Roadmap PowerPoint Slide
4 Part Flower PowerPoint Template
8 Part Flower PowerPoint Template
Speedometer PowerPoint Slide
Pyramid PowerPoint Template
3 Ellipse PowerPoint Template
Funnel Framework
Sales Funnel Initiatives
Sales Project Plan
Sales Performance PowerPoint Slide
3 Box PowerPoint Template
Staircase PowerPoint Slide
Downward Flow PowerPoint Template
4 Piece Process PowerPoint Slide
Next Years Sales Initiatives
Milestone PowerPoint Slide
4 Box PowerPoint Framework
Three Box Framework
3 Box Segmented PowerPoint Framework
Sales Goals KPIs Scorecard
Next Years Sales KPIs Goals
Sales Plan PowerPoint Icons
Sales PowerPoint Icons 1
Sales PowerPoint Icons 2
Sales PowerPoint Icons 3
Sales PowerPoint Icons 4
Sales PowerPoint Icons 5
Sales PowerPoint Icons 6
Sales PowerPoint Icons 7
Sales PowerPoint Icons 8
Sales PowerPoint Icons 9
Sales PowerPoint Icons 10
Sales PowerPoint Icons 11
Sales PowerPoint Icons 12
Team Pictures
Marketing Team Brainstorming
HR people image
employee images
charts and agendas
Organizational Goals
HR Strategy PowerPoint
European Strategy Template
Retention Benchmarking
Mission Values PowerPoint Template
HR Strategy PowerPoint Template
HR Budget Pie Chart
HR Strategy Agenda PowerPoint
Employee Pie Chart
Employee PowerPoint Trend Template
Stacked Column Chart Template
100 Stacked Column Chart PowerPoint
Waterfall Chart PowerPoint Example
Bubble Chart PowerPoint Example
Radar Chart Example
Stratechi Templates
Org Title Page
Org Strategy
Organizational Framework
value chain powerpoint
Profit Framework
core competency examples
Organization Definition
Strategic Alignment Example
Company Processes Examples
What is a Process
how to improve a process
Org Framework
Capital Budget Allocation
Procurement Best Practices
org design title page
Org Design Framework
What is Org Design
Flat Hierarchical Org Examples
Matrix Org Example
HR Benchmarking Examples
Worksheet Title Slide
Corporate Culture Definition
Culture Strategy Template
Company Culture Examples
Meeting Best Practices
Strategic Human Capital Management Examples
Employee Journey Example
Fun Office Ideas
Culture Transformation
Employee Engagement Survey Results
worksheet title page
Defining a Job and Role
Job Definition Template
high performing team
project team charter
Team Charter PowerPoint Template
Team Charter Example
Smart goal powerpoint template
Will Skill PowerPoint Template
Will Skill Matrix Excel
7 sources of power
sources of power template
Roadmap Examples
Roadmap PowerPoint Template
Roadmap Excel Template
Project Planning Best Practices
Project Plan PowerPoint Template
Creating a Project Scorecard
Project Management Scorecard PowerPoint Template
Defining a Problem Statement
Problem Statement Template
KPI Key Performance Indicator Template
Terms of Use Website


The Sales & Marketing Plan Template has you covered in kickstarting your sales and marketing strategy and plan. The agenda starts with the Year in Review, highlighting the accomplishments over the past year, historical performance, customer funnel metrics and initiatives, and a KPI scorecard. Then the agenda covers Next Year's Goals with KPI targets and new initiatives. The next section covers the core sales initiatives to improve the customer funnel. The agenda covers launching of new products and services. Then the deck goes into Improving the Fundamentals covering sales funnel initiatives and projects, methodologies, IT strategy, and project plans. Then the agenda covers marketing initiatives including customer segments, messaging, campaigns, digital and social strategy, and a marketing calendar and budget. The last section is on Elevating the Team which covers the sales and marketing team budget, commission and compensation plans, people initiatives, territory coverage, and org chart. The template also includes a ton of bonus charts, icons, worksheets, framework slides, and more. And, you can use our free guides on Sales Strategy and Marketing Strategy to generate ideas for your presentation.


Sales Title Page
The Sales Teams Mission
Sales Agenda Slide
Sales Team Wins
Historical Sales Revenue Chart
Sales Breakdown Chart
Sales Goals KPIs Scorecard
Sales Pipeline Metrics Initiatives
Next Years Sales Goals Agenda Slide
High level Sales Goals
Next Years Sales KPIs Goals
Next Years Sales Initiatives
Launch New Products Agenda Slide
New Product Service Launches
Sales Launch Initiatives
Sales Geographic Expansion Plan
Improve Sales Fundamentals
Sales Funnel Initiatives
Sales Methodology Improvements
Sales Technology Initiatives
Sales Top Prospects Accounts Plan
Sales Project Plan
Turn Up the Marketing Agenda Slide
High level Marketing Strategy
Target Customer Personas
Marketing Campaign Overview
Media Mix Spend Chart
Channel Partner Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Media Mix Spend by Month Chart
Elevate the Sales Team Agenda Slide
Sales Budget Headcount Slide
Sales Team Org Chart
Sales Territory US Map
Sales Employee Journey Strategy
Sales Compensation Plan
Thank You Questions
Generic Sales Plan Slides
Sales PowerPoint World Map
Expanding Circle PowerPoint Framework
5 Block PowerPoint Slide
Hexagon PowerPoint Slide
3 Strategy Yin Yang PowerPoint Slide
4 Part Puzzle Piece PowerPoint
Sales Roadmap PowerPoint Slide
4 Part Flower PowerPoint Template
8 Part Flower PowerPoint Template
Speedometer PowerPoint Slide
Pyramid PowerPoint Template
3 Ellipse PowerPoint Template
3 Box PowerPoint Template
Staircase PowerPoint Slide
Downward Flow PowerPoint Template
4 Piece Process PowerPoint Slide
Milestone PowerPoint Slide
4 Box PowerPoint Framework
3 Box PowerPoint Framework
3 Box Segmented PowerPoint Framework
Sales Performance PowerPoint Slide
Sales Agenda PowerPoint Slide
Sales Priority PowerPoint Slide
Sales Plan PowerPoint Icons
Sales PowerPoint Icons 1
Sales PowerPoint Icons 2
Sales PowerPoint Icons 3
Sales PowerPoint Icons 4
Sales PowerPoint Icons 5
Sales PowerPoint Icons 6
Sales PowerPoint Icons 7
Sales PowerPoint Icons 8
Sales PowerPoint Icons 9
Sales PowerPoint Icons 10
Sales PowerPoint Icons 11
Sales PowerPoint Icons 12
Sales Plan PowerPoint Worksheets
SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Slide
Porters 5 Forces PowerPoint Template
PESTLE Analysis PowerPoint Template
Prioritization Matrix PowerPoint Template
Competitive Advantage PowerPoint Template
Change Management PowerPoint Template
Change Management PowerPoint Worksheet
Sales SMART Goal PowerPoint Worksheet
Sales Strategy Overview PowerPoint
Marketing Campaign PowerPoint Template
Product Roadmap PowerPoint Example
Comprehensive SWOT Analysis PowerPoint.
Service Benchmarking PowerPoint Template
Product Benchmarking PowerPoint Template
Sales Project Team Charter PowerPoint
Sales Images PowerPoint
Sales PowerPoint Charts
Sales Pie PowerPoint Charts
Sales Stacked Column PowerPoint Chart
Sales Stacked Bar PowerPoint Chart
Stacked Column PowerPoint Chart
100 Stacked Column PowerPoint Chart
Sales Waterfall PowerPoint Chart
Sales Bubble PowerPoint Chart
Sales Radar PowerPoint Chart
Terms Conditions


The Competitive & Market Analysis Template is full of useful charts, slides, and frameworks for you competitive and market analysis needs. The agenda covers a ton. It starts with a Market Overview & Trends covering a market snapshot, market overview, total addressable market, historical growth, segmentation, and adoption curve. The agenda then moves Industry Analysis & Dynamics covering competitive and market frameworks, an market strategy map, and different geographic dynamics slides. The agenda then covers Market Segmentation & Dynamics with slides on market segmentation and profiles, market growth, market metrics, and analyst coverage. The Competitor Analysis section has a bunch of great slides covering competitive benchmarking, profiles, dynamics, market share, overviews, and charts. The Customer Analysis & Segmentation section covers segmentation, profiles, customer journey, and customer research charts. And, the Key Takeaways section will help you synthesize all the analysis into insights. There are also a ton of bonus frameworks, icons, charts, and more. Furthermore, you can leverage our free guides on market analysis and customer strategy.


Market Analysis Title Page
Market Analysis Table of Contents
Market Analysis Goals
Market Overview Trends
Market Industry Overview
Market Synthesis
Total Addressable Market
Historic Market Growth
Market Revenue Mix Example
Submarket Analysis
Adoption Curve Chart
Industry Analysis Dynamics
Porters Five Forces Analysis Example
Porters Five Forces Detailed Analysis
Industry Pestle analysis template
market map example
global analysis example
golbal analysis details
Regional snapshot template
US Map example
US highlights Example
US snapshot template
market segmentation dynamics
Customer trend chart
Industry growth drivers example
industry analyst quotes slide
market segmentation example
customer segmentation analysis
customer metrics chart
customer segmentation metrics
market opportunity example
competitor analysis dynamics
competitor share donut chart
competitor share historical example
historical competitive share percentage
overview of competition example
Detailed overview of competition
BCG competitive matrix example
competitive metrics chart example
product competitive analysis example
competitive sales marketing analysis
company profile example
high level competitor profile
detailed competitor profile
product feature analysis example
value proposition competitive map
product feature comparison chart
product feature harvey ball example
product performance spider chart
Value proposition spider chart
customer analysis segmentation
target buyer profile example
buyer persona example
customer journey template
client purchasing funnel example
end user segment profile example
End user Pie Chart Blowout
Demographic Chart Slide
Preference Chart Slide
Device Usage Frequency Chart
Key Takeaways Next Steps
market analysis key takeaways
market attractiveness decision matrix
3 horizons of growth example
ANSOFF matrix product strategy example
SWOT analysis example
market analysis next steps example
additional framework slides
KPI slide example
project plan template example
PESTLE Analysis Overview
PESTLE analysis examples
BCG matrix slide
prioritization matrix example
prioritization matrix template
sustainable competitive advantage example
competitive advantage template
pyramid slide example
yin yang slide example
three box framework example
SWOT analysis worksheet
ANSOFF growth matrix template
editable US map example
editable global map example
metrics chart example
sales pie chart example
stacked column chart example
bubble chart example
Sales PowerPoint Charts
Sales Pie PowerPoint Charts
Sales Stacked Column PowerPoint Chart
Sales Stacked Bar PowerPoint Chart
Stacked Column PowerPoint Chart
100 Stacked Column PowerPoint Chart
Sales Waterfall PowerPoint Chart
Sales Bubble PowerPoint Chart
market analysis icons
people icon examples with background
strategy icon examples with background
transportation icons with background
chart icon examples with background
technology icon examples with background
people icon examples
strategy icon examples
transportation icon examples
chart icon examples
technology icon examples
market analysis images
teamwork image examples
progress image examples
strategy image examples
planning image examples
additional templates
Excel decision matrix example
comprehensive SWOT template
service benchmarking example
product benchmarking example
service brainstorming template
product brainstorming template terms and conditions


With the Value Pack you also get the Business Model Template, which thousands of leaders have used to think through and document their business model strategy. 

Business Model PowerPoint Template Title
Business Model Framework PowerPoint Template
Business Model Strategy PowerPoint Template
Business Model Strategy Challenges
Developing a Business Model Template
Building a Business Model
Business Model Template PowerPoint
Mission and Goals Template
Business Model Targets Worksheet
Business Value Proposition PowerPoint Template
Go to Market Worksheet PowerPoint Template
Business Org Values Worksheet PowerPoint Template
Business Model Strategy Initiatives Template
Business Appendix Template
Prioritization Matrix PowerPoint Template
Prioritization Matrix Worksheet

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template
Porters 5 Forces PowerPoint Template