Your HR & organizational strategy and plan are critical to you. Your time and energy are precious. Get a massive jumpstart on your strategy presentation with Stratechi's Human Resources & Organizational Strategy Template; developed, tested, and proven to deliver by HR and organizational strategists for HR leaders.

This 186-page editable PowerPoint presentation is full of storylines, ideas for initiatives, ready-to-go slides, charts, plans, professional graphics, and icons. Download now to save you time and get a headstart on your HR & org strategy. The template covers HR strategy, org strategy, org design, strategic alignment, financials, the employee journey (hiring, onboarding, development, evaluation, advancement), culture, and much more. Take a look below to see all of the slides included in this download. As a bonus, we've included the frameworks, images, and worksheets in our HR & Org Strategy and People Leadership sections of

With your purchase, you instantly download the widescreen presentation in three different color formats royal navy (shown below), tangerine, and ocean teal.

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Preview of the HR & Org Strategy PowerPoint Template


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Strategy Frameworks - 168 pages
Sales Plan - 101 pages
Market Analysis - 114 pages
Business Model - 17 pages



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HR Strategy Template Title Page
HR Mission Statement
HR Strategy Agenda
HR Strategy Accomplishments
HR Strategy Performance
Org Chart
Editable US State Map
Editable World Country Map
Org Overview
organizational breakdown
Org Functions Chart
HR and Org Strategy Framework
HR Strategy Initiatives
HR Strategy Next Years Goals
Employee Goals
HR Headcount and Budget
HR Strategy Gaps
HR Strategy Plan
HR Budget
Improve the Employee Journey
Employee Journey Framework
HCM Strategy
Human Capital Management Diagnostic
HCM Initiatives
talent acquisition
Onboarding Best Practices
Employee Development
Performance Review
HCM Platform
HRIS Implementation
HR Change Management
employee strategy initiatives
strategic alignment
Org Design Strategy
Core Competencies
cascading goals
career ladder
workforce reduction
span of control
center of excellence
employee chart
employee percentage chart
powerpoint org chart
culture agenda
company culture
employee survey
workplace culture
core values list
company values
company core values
company norms
fringe benefits
total rewards strategy
total compensation strategy
sales commission
cap table example
company benefits
corporate enviornment
Thank you Questions Powerpoint
additional HR slides
Generic Sales Plan Slides
Arrow Tree Framework
5 Block Horizontal Slide
Four Part Circle
Expanding Circle PowerPoint Framework
4 Part Puzzle Piece PowerPoint
Hexagon PowerPoint Slide
3 Strategy Yin Yang PowerPoint Slide
4 Part Puzzle Piece PowerPoint
Sales Roadmap PowerPoint Slide
4 Part Flower PowerPoint Template
8 Part Flower PowerPoint Template
Speedometer PowerPoint Slide
Pyramid PowerPoint Template
3 Ellipse PowerPoint Template
Funnel Framework
Sales Funnel Initiatives
Sales Project Plan
Sales Performance PowerPoint Slide
3 Box PowerPoint Template
Staircase PowerPoint Slide
Downward Flow PowerPoint Template
4 Piece Process PowerPoint Slide
Next Years Sales Initiatives
Milestone PowerPoint Slide
4 Box PowerPoint Framework
Three Box Framework
3 Box Segmented PowerPoint Framework
Sales Goals KPIs Scorecard
Next Years Sales KPIs Goals
Sales Plan PowerPoint Icons
Sales PowerPoint Icons 1
Sales PowerPoint Icons 2
Sales PowerPoint Icons 3
Sales PowerPoint Icons 4
Sales PowerPoint Icons 5
Sales PowerPoint Icons 6
Sales PowerPoint Icons 7
Sales PowerPoint Icons 8
Sales PowerPoint Icons 9
Sales PowerPoint Icons 10
Sales PowerPoint Icons 11
Sales PowerPoint Icons 12
Team Pictures
Marketing Team Brainstorming
HR people image
employee images
charts and agendas
Organizational Goals
HR Strategy PowerPoint
European Strategy Template
Retention Benchmarking
Mission Values PowerPoint Template
HR Strategy PowerPoint Template
HR Budget Pie Chart
HR Strategy Agenda PowerPoint
Employee Pie Chart
Employee PowerPoint Trend Template
Stacked Column Chart Template
100 Stacked Column Chart PowerPoint
Waterfall Chart PowerPoint Example
Bubble Chart PowerPoint Example
Radar Chart Example
Stratechi Templates
Org Title Page
Org Strategy
Organizational Framework
value chain powerpoint
Profit Framework
core competency examples
Organization Definition
Strategic Alignment Example
Company Processes Examples
What is a Process
how to improve a process
Org Framework
Capital Budget Allocation
Procurement Best Practices
org design title page
Org Design Framework
What is Org Design
Flat Hierarchical Org Examples
Matrix Org Example
HR Benchmarking Examples
Worksheet Title Slide
Corporate Culture Definition
Culture Strategy Template
Company Culture Examples
Meeting Best Practices
Strategic Human Capital Management Examples
Employee Journey Example
Fun Office Ideas
Culture Transformation
Employee Engagement Survey Results
worksheet title page
Defining a Job and Role
Job Definition Template
high performing team
project team charter
Team Charter PowerPoint Template
Team Charter Example
Smart goal powerpoint template
Will Skill PowerPoint Template
Will Skill Matrix Excel
7 sources of power
sources of power template
Roadmap Examples
Roadmap PowerPoint Template
Roadmap Excel Template
Project Planning Best Practices
Project Plan PowerPoint Template
Creating a Project Scorecard
Project Management Scorecard PowerPoint Template
Defining a Problem Statement
Problem Statement Template
KPI Key Performance Indicator Template
Terms of Use Website

The 186-page Human Resources & Organizational Strategy PowerPoint Template includes:

1. Title Page
2. The HR Team's Mission
3. HR Strategy Agenda Slide
4. HR Team & Org Wins
5. HR KPI Performance
6. Company Org Chart
7. US Org Headcount Map
8. World Headcount Map
9. Org Current State Metrics
10. Headcount Chart
11. Headcount by Function Chart
12. HR & Org Strategy Framework
13. HR Strategy Scorecard
14. Next Year's HR & Org Goals
15. HR Goals
16. Company Goals, & Budget
17. Employee Engagement Heatmap
18. HR Initiatives & Progress
19. Human Resources Budget
20. Improve the Employee Journey
21. Employee Journey Framework
22. Employee Journey Initiatives
23. Employee Survey Results
24. Employee Journey Goals / KPIs
25. Talent Acquisition Funnel
26. 5C Onboarding Strategies
27. Employee Development Initiatives
28. Employee Assessment Strategy
29. HCM Platform Strategy
30. HCM Project Plan
31. Change Management Template
32. Employee Journey Strategy
33. Strategic Org Design
34. Org Design Framework
35. Core Competency Strategy
36. Cascading Goals & KPIs
37. Job Career Ladder Template
38. Headcount Reduction
39. Manager Headcount Reduction
40. Centers of Excellence Consolidation
41. Employee Certification Chart
42. Employee Mix Trend Chart
43. Organizational Chart
44. Elevate the Culture & Comp
45. Company Culture Framework
46. Company Culture Scorecard

47. Company Culture Initiatives
48. List of Core Values
49. Core Values Strategy
50. Core Values Initiatives
51. Company Norms
52. List of Comp & Benefits
53. Total Compensation Strategy
54. Cash Compensation Strategy
55. Commission Strategy
56. Stock Option Chart
57. Medical Benefits Initiatives
58. Office Improvement Strategy
59. Thank You & Questions
60. Additional Slides
62. Arrow Tree Framework
63. 5 Block Horizontal Slide
64. Four Part Circle
65. Expanding Circle Framework
66. 5 Block Slide
67. Hexagon Slide
68. 3 Strategy Yin Yang Slide
69. 4-Part Puzzle Piece
70. Roadmap Slide
71. 4-Part Flower Framework
72. 8-Part Flower Framework
73. Speedometer Slide
74. Pyramid Framework
75. 3-Ellipse Framework
76. Funnel Framework
77. Alternative Funnel
78. Project Template
79. Performance Template
80. 3-Box Framework
81. Staircase Framework
82. Downward Flow Template
83. 4-Piece Process Framework
84. Core Initiative Framework
85. Milestone Framework
86. 4-Box Framework
87. 3-Box Framework
88. 3-Box Segmented Framework
89. KPI Template
90. KPI Goal Template
92. Light Blue Background 1 of 3

93. Light Blue Background 2 of 3
94. Light Blue Background 3 of 3
95. Dark Blue Background 1 of 3
96. Dark Blue Background 2 of 3
97. Dark Blue Background 3 of 3
98. White Icons 1 of 3
99. White Icons 2 of 3
100. White Icons 3 of 3
101. Dark Blue Icons 1 of 3
102. Dark Blue Icons 2 of 3
103. Dark Blue Icons 3 of 3
104. Team Images
105. Human Resources & Org Icons
106. Human Resources & Org Icons
107. Human Resources & Org Icons
108. Charts & Agendas
109. Org Goals & Composition
110. Core HR Initiatives
111. European HR Strategy
112. Retention Initiatives
113. Mission & Values
114. HR Strategy Initiatives
115. HR Spend Doughnut Chart
116. Alternative Agenda
117. Employee Mix Pie Chart
118. Headcount Trend Chart
119. Stacked Column Chart
120. 100% Stacked Column Chart
121. Waterfall Chart
122. Bubble Chart
123. HR Radar Chart
124. Bonus Material
125. Fundamentals of an Org
126. Purpose of an Organization
127. Organizational Processes
128. Company Processes
129. The Profit Equation
130. Core Competency Examples
131. Org Strategy Building Blocks
132. Solving a Business Model
133. Functional Process Examples
134. What is a Process?
135. Improving Processes
136. Org Strategy Framework
137. Infrastructure Prioritization
138. Procurement & Partners

139. Org Design Fundamentals
140. Org Design Elements
141. Org Structure & Roles
142. Types of Org Structures
143. Matrix vs. Functional vs BUs
144. HR & Org Benchmarking
145. Span of Control
146. The Right Leaders
147. ROLES Framework
148. Employee Journey
149. Building Blocks of Culture
150. Culture Strategy
151. Examples of Culture Strategy
152. Potential Company Values
153. Values Example
154. Norms Best Practices
155. Amazon Meeting Norms
156. Employee Journey Questions
157. List of Employee Journey Ideas
158. Google’s Employee Journey
159. Comp & Benefits Framework
160. Company Environment
161. Culture Transformation Plan
162. Employee Diagnostic Results
163. Diagnostic Survey (1/2)
164. Diagnostic Survey (2/2)
165. HR / Employee Worksheets
166. SMART Goal Worksheet
167. ROLES Worksheet
168. Will Skill Matrix
169. Will Skill Template
170. Sources of Power
171. Personal Power Plan
172. High Performing Teams
173. Team Charter
174. Extended Team Charter (1/2)
175. Extended Team Charter (2/2)
176. Functional Roadmaps
177. Roadmap PowerPoint Template
178. Roadmap Excel Template
179. Project Planning Exercise
180. Project Plan Template
181. Project Scorecard Exercise
182. Project Management Scorecard
183. Problem Statement Exercise
184. Problem Statement Template
185. KPI Worksheet
186. Terms of Use



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